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Re: Asthma or not
Mar 5, 2011
You know, the medicine could actually be contributing to that throat irritation.

Inhaled steroids are hard on the vocal cords. Dry-powder inhalers, including Advair discus or pulmicort flexhaler, are the worst. The least damaging are the regular canister-type inhalers used with a spacer.

Definitely, dry air is bad, and maybe sleeping with a humidifier can help. If outdoor air seems to trigger the cough, try covering your face with a scarf when you go out.

Benadryl probably won't help unless allergies are part of it.

This sort of thing can take a LONG time to settle down. Me, it took over half a year between being first diagnosed with asthma and feeling like I had any decent control. Inflammation feeds on the cough feeds on the bronchospasms, and the cycle goes round and round.

Have you had a course of prednisone at any point? What types of doctors have you seen, and did they do any lung function tests?
Re: Asthma or not
Mar 5, 2011
I only tried the Benadryl cuz I saw some ppl mention allergies possibly causing this. I've asked to be tested (even tho it doesn't run in my family), but they said it's expensive and my symptoms point more towards asthma and a post infectious cough. 24-hour Claritin D helped with the cough quite a bit (as did Mucinex D when I was actually sick), but when I ran out of it and switched to the 12-hour regular Claritin twice per day and just took the Sudafed part on the side (cuz that's what's in Claritin D), I was lying awake at night, unable to sleep. After three nights of crappy sleep, I realized it was the Sudafed. Quit taking it, and my sleep went back to normal. I'm thinking of trying out the 24-hour Claritin D again. I was taking it at 11am each day, and at about 9:30am each day my cough would start 'ramping up'.

Since I don't have insurance, I've been stuck going to the free clinic. This has been going on so long tho, thankfully they've stopped having me see whoever's available and attached me to one doc. He's not a 'new' doc (middle 50's), and is very patient when explaining things and/or answering my questions/concerns. He's the first one to not try to throw yet more pills at me (and yes, I was on Prednisone...that's the steroid one, I believe. I was on two rounds of it, first a lower dose and then a higher dose for a longer time about a month later). I told him I talk for a living, and if I was a famous professional singer, what would we be doing to make this stop..? I mean, really...if I didn't work from home, I imagine I'd be fired by now. He understands my frustration, which at least makes me feel like he's really trying to help. At one visit with him, he left the room and came back with an armload of stuff to try out. He said he'd like me to try out each thing, but each thing will take a month to try out...we talked about it, and we decided to try the Advair first. No, I don't yet know what the other 'stuff' was...mostly cuz he sold me on the Advair right away lol. At that point we were still talking post-infectious inflammation, puss, and how the Advair would help heal that up...and it really did work within less than 48 hours.

Asthma was not mentioned till the next (most recent) time I saw him. I haven't actually started the Pulmicort yet cuz he said it's a steroid. Every time I've been put on a steroid (inhaled or pill), it gives me a lot of vaginal discharge. Not a yeast infection, but geez. I saw a Pulmonologist at one point, who sent me in for a follow-up MRI...said he didn't see any cancer or emphysema, and that the pneumonia appeared to be gone. I hadn't coughed up a single drop of blood, so I figured it wasn't cancer or emphysema, but still good to hear it lol. I didn't go back to see him after that cuz he didn't inform the free clinic that there was a need for that...and also the doc they have me seeing now is an associate of his, so he's able to consult with him if needed.

No lung function tests. I had two breathing treatments, which seemed to make me cough more afterwards. And I do remember the doc explaining that if we can't control the cough, then the inflammation can't heal all the I completely understand what you mean about the circle going around and around.

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