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Can heat and humidity cause an asthama episode? I am thinking of both internal heat and humidty (a hot and stuffy room) or external heat and humidity (an August day where it is 90 degrees and 90% humidity.). I am not talking about mold from the internal source or the ozone from the external source. I mean just the heat and humidity themselves--can these cause an asthma epsiode?

Thanks! ;)
Thanks for the replies.

I was figuring it was the warm nature of heat and humidity themselves that brought on asthma. It's July, for example, with temps and humidity in the 90's, and the stifiling air affected asthmatics' breathing. I didn't think of them containing allergens that bring on the asthma.
It actually can happen, that heat and humidity all by themselves can bring on an attack. For me, it's a minor trigger. For example, during pollen season, I have to be careful not to steam up the bathroom when I shower.

I know one woman who has heat as her PRIMARY asthma trigger, however.
Asthma triggers are so individualized. I have several friends whose asthma is highly triggered by heat & humidity, but mine loves hot humid weather. What sets me off is cool humid weather for some reason.
Would heat/humidity show up on a methacholine challenge test as an asthma trigger?

BTW: Wasn't there a post by somebody that said heat and humditiy are not asthma triggers, and now that post is gone? I saw it the other night but I was crashing early and didn't reply to it.
Heat and humidity cause suffocation and asthmatic person feels it alot and the breathe shortens. I am asthmatic and i can't go in congested and humid places
Heat and humidity bother me as well
[QUOTE=Capttom48;4738225]2 years ago I had to go to the ER because of a heat related attack in July. It was one of the hottest days of the year and the ER nurse said that patients with breathing problems had flooded the ER all day. So if you are one of those asthmatics that are susceptible to heat be careful on hot humid days. I was surprised at how quickly the attack developed.

I think I am one of those suspectible to heat and humidity. I haven't been to the ER in years. I was originially diagnosed in 2000 with ashtma and the last time I was in the ER--heat or non-heat related--was 2001. Thankfully the episode wasn't severe, and I was fine after one of their albuterol treatments.

In May 2004, I took Amtrak to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to visit relatives, and then back to NY. Oddly enough I am pretty sure I forgot my albuterol and nothing happened/no asthma. (Asthma aside, I saved money but would never do Amtrak again. :rolleyes:). Even though I never have had any heat/humidity induced attacks for just about ten years, when June-August rolls around I am very wary about the summer weather readings, don't stay outside long, and am very good friend with the nearest air conditioner. :D

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