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[QUOTE=mochii;4744376] ... its usually at night before i go to sleep.[/QUOTE]

The bodily process (ref: Circadian Rhythm) that shuts down at night, and makes you sleepy, is the same process that limits the severity of Asthma attacks during the day. In other words, at night your body has less ability to fight against Asthma. Hence, most people with allergies effecting either their sinuses or their lungs, usually have their most severe problems at night.

[QUOTE]but sometimes i would wake up having a hard time breathing.[/QUOTE]

The bed is the worst place for allergy sufferers. It is a dusty place, with all kinds of dyes, materials and chemicals. If you use detergents or softeners, your skin also comes into close contact with several, possibly irritating chemicals.

[QUOTE]my chest would feel tight and sometime i would wheeeze and i would take albuterol and then go back to sleep but after 3-4 hours its the same cycle. [/QUOTE]

The allergens encountered, eaten, inhaled, touched, smelled, etc. during the entire day are other things that make sinus allergies or Asthma worse at night. All of the allergens and irritants, encountered during the day, combine with the allergens from the bed. It makes for a lot of misery for allergy sufferers.

An important key to "curing" one's own Asthma is understanding that, regardless of allergy testing, there are [U]common, ordinary, seemingly innocuous things[/U] that can provoke either Asthma or sinus allergies; and then avoiding those "innocent" things.

[QUOTE]i sleep with my dogs and i don't know if that is the only reason why i get asthma attacks that often. Please Help.:confused:[/QUOTE]

I've had dogs all my life. I did not realize that my dogs were a big part of my health problems and my allergy problems. I was able to cuddle my dogs, and play with my dogs, and kiss my dogs, etc., and I never reacted! It was only after I spent time away from my dog did I realize the serious impact the dog was having on my health. Having to part with our dog was one of the saddest times of our lives. :(

Best of luck and health to you! :wave:

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