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Hi there, two weeks ago I was diagnosed w/ bronchitis from our urgent care doctor. Was given antibiotics, prednisone, albuterol inhaler and cough meds at that time. Exactly a week later I was having trouble breathing, tight chest etc so I went back to same doctor and he looked at me like I was nuts, he treated me I should be better, what is it that I wanted? That type of thing..I HATE seeing doctors, I go once a year for my physical and that's it, so going to this place twice in one week was big for me. So I went home after a nebulizer treatment and he was supposed to call in two scripts, one sterioid, another inhaler, he never did so I went home basically in the same shape I started in..
So Monday morning comes and I decide to see my real Dr, and as I am getting ready to go see her my breathing ability goes down hill. I am winded from getting dressed, even getting up off the couch is difficult. So I wake my DH up and he rushes me to the ER, 30 minutes later, 2 nebulizer treatments, chest xrays, cat scan I finally collapse on the gurney in front of the doctors and respiratory techs... I wake up 5 days later and was told I have been on a ventilator the whole time... Apparently I wasn't breathing well (duh) my blood pressure sky rocketed and they thought I was going to have a stroke... The first night I was awake I went into A Fib, whole other set of panic sets in...echo cardiogram, meds, etc etc...

I was just released two days ago. I feel like hell, I feel a lot better, but recovery is definitely very slow going. I am on xopenex hfa, pulmicort flexhaler and a spirivia inhaler. Mega prednisone, two different types of heart pills, and finishing up antibiotics.... This is a lot for me since I have never in my life been on any type of medicine other than clartin for allergies! My follow up to my general doctor/pulmonary and cardiologist is all coming up and it's just making me see stars...My husband is getting ready to deploy to Iraq this weekend and I am so scared something like this might happen again, but I also know now what an asthma attack is like and hopefully it won't take so long to stop it, if it happens again...

Sorry for the long thread, I have been looking for somewhere to come and talk about all of this...I have two young children and to wake up after a full week and have no idea what has happened is difficult

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