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I can really relate. When my asthma flares it takes me months to get it back under control. It not only wears you out physically, it wears on you mentally. In addition to that, it is scary because you never know how bad your attacks will be. I got so worn down last year that I actually took leave from work for a while to give my body some time to rest without the added stress.

For a very long time I was on Advair 500/50, Singulair, Albuterol (inhaler and nebulizer), periodic prednisone, Allegra and other meds as needed. I'm one year into my Xolair treatment--only once a month due to my size though. I'm about 3 1/2 years into immunotherapy as well. My Pulmonologist says my use of Xolair by my ENT is "off-label" though.

Do you know what triggered your current flare? I often find that when one thing triggers a flare, I'm much more susceptible to other things that trigger it more.

I have problems after infections--either viral or bacterial. I also have environmental triggers--pollution, inversions, cold air, chemicals, smoke--wildfire season is tough, etc.... I've also found out that I have severe "silent" acid reflux with acid irritating my lungs and triggering asthma as well.

Do you carry and Epi-pen? I found out the hard way that it is useful to have around in case of a breathing emergency when your inhaler isn't working. In a severe attack use of an epi-pen can give you additional time to get emergency help.

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