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Hi there. I've been on Xolair for a year now and had incredible results. :D

My case was a bit different from yours, but I'm still considered off-label for use of Xolair because my IgE was too low. My ENT/Allergist attributed my lower readings to the fact that I'd been receiving allergy shots for years prior and that would have impacted my IgE results. Still, my asthma had been so bad that I was having a lot of difficulty controlling it despite multiple meds and being very diligent taking them.

I've read that Xolair may not be as effective for IgE that is too high. Still, if your doctor is recommending it, it might still help you. He must know you well enough to have an understanding of how the treatment might work for you.

The thing with using Xolair "off-label" is that it usually isn't covered by insurance. My ENT appealed my insurance for 6 months, making multiple personal calls to try to help me. He finally got me connected with a foundation connected with the makers of Xolair who looked at my results and income and agreed to cover my treatments.

I really didn't have high expectations, but the treatment has made an incredible difference in my quality of life!! A year ago, I was on 4 allergy meds, Advair 500/50, Singulair, Albuterol inhaler and nebulizer, and prednisone. A year-ago this time, I was just in the midst of a 4 month period where I couldn't get my asthma under control.

Today, I'm off of all of my asthma and allergy medications. ALL of them. I still have them ready in case I have problems. My inhaler and epi-pen go with me everywhere just in case I have an asthma attack. I'd been on Advair 500/50 and Singulair for about 5-6 years. This was with frequent rounds of steroids also. I weaned down to 250 in January and 100 in April and I tried going completely off in May. So far, I've only had to use my inhaler a handful of times since winter and all of those times were with chemical triggers.

If your asthma is bad, it might be really worth considering trying.

As a plus, my allergies are incredibly good this year. I talked to my doctor and he said that for people on immunotherapy, the Xolair appears to boost the effects of the shots. This is my best season ever.

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