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I'm in my late 40s. Still having my period. Have enjoyed excellent health all of my years, but about a year and a half ago, after moving into a new condo, started to experience coughing, phlegm, difficulty breathing.

Then, last month, during very hot, humid, and pollen-filled weather, I found that my chest began to hurt and felt very tight, and that I couldn't get a deep breath.

Went to the ER where I got chest X-ray, D-dimer test, Ct-scan of chest, EKG, and ultimately a pulmonary function test. All came out with good numbers. Doc sent me home with inhalers, and I'm currently taking Advair 250/50.

The Advair seems to help some, but last night when stepping out of my very cool (AC) workplace into the very muggy evening, I had sudden difficulty in taking a deep breath. Just couldn't get comfortable at home, was frightened, so ended up back in ER. There, the kindly doctor gave me X-ray, EKG, a listen to the lungs, vitals, and all checked out well. He smiled sympathetically, suggested that I was experiencing anxiety, and have me a prescription for 5 tablets of Xanax.

I have some allergies, so that might be part of it. But I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a heightening of breathing problems before menopause? According to my age, I'm probably in that time of life when my periods will soon end, and so I wonder if hormones might be the culprit, since I've never had these problems before (even when living in tropical climates). Thanks, all!

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