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Hi everyone. I'm in my 40s, been healthy all my life, no meds, no smoking, no hospitalizations, etc. But ever since moving into my new condo about 2 years ago, I've been having morning coughing, and allergic sorts of reactions. Then, about 2 months ago, I started to have difficulty taking deep breaths, and some chest tightness. It got so bad one evening that I went to the ER. There, they gave me blood test, Xray, CTscan, EKG, pulmonary function test, and all of them came out "good," according to the docs. They did find a 4 mm nodule on my left lung, which we'll CTscan again in 3 months.

They sent me home with inhalers and 4 days' worth of prednasone. Can't say that any of the meds helped, but the assurance that nothing "life threatening" was a relief. Since then, I saw a pulmonologist, who put me on daily Advair 250/50. That worked rather well, until last night, when I left the cool air-conditioned confines of the hospital at which I work, and stepped out in the very hot, muggy, pollen-filled air.

I started to have that old problem of having chest tightness, difficulty breathing. Got home, took a rescue inhaler (albuteral) which wired me terribly. I felt so shaky that taking a deep breath was even more difficult, and almost impossible.

Sooo, back I went to the local ER (can't wait to get these ER bills...I hear insurance doesn't like to pay for ER services!). They gave me Xray, EKG, tested my vitals. Doc said that my lungs were working beautifully, no wheezing at all. Then he gave me a prescription for 5 Xanax pills, which I haven't yet filled. He suggested that I had an allergic reaction to the poor and hot air, maybe an asthmatic reaction, and that the scariness of not being able to breath sent me into panic.

So I'm wondering: anybody else have more difficulty with issues like these around the perimenopause stage of life? I'm in my late 40s, still having my period, but I know that the time is nearing for menopause and I already find myself more moody and cranky than in younger years. Also, my symptoms seem almost worse during my period. Any feedback? Thanks!

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