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Well, I've been through Combivent, Ventolin, ProAir, and Proventil. Each one worked great at first, but then started to irritate my airways. Every time I used it, my chest was a bit more sore, until finally, it got to the point where the medicine was clearly doing more harm than good, and it was triggering true paradoxical spasms.

I've been using Xopenex this summer. Through July and the first half of August I barely touched it, but with ragweed season I've been hitting it about once a day. Today, I had my first bad reaction to Xopenex.

There aren't any more rescue inhalers out there. Luckily, my asthma isn't particularly severe or dangerous, but life is still going to be more difficult without a rescue inhaler. Maybe I'll get a nebulizer, next time I see the doctor. If it works, I can get a miniature one to carry around.

Still, I hate the drug-allergy situation. I hate buying a new medicine and thinking "Will I be able to use this for two months or three? When will my body stop tolerating it?"

I absolutely understand what you're going through. The inhaler had worked fine on me for almost a year. I had to rotate through provental, xopenex and ventolin because none of them worked consistently. However, recently they all stopped working. I have severe asthma so it was quite scary not to have a rescue inhaler. I have a nebulizer for when I get sick and decided to try the albuteral that way and it worked wonders. The next visit to my doc, I talked to her about it and decided my only option was a handheld neb that I carry all of the time instead of inhalers now. The inhalers work OK as a preventative before exercise, cutting the grass etc, but not at all as a rescue. It's a pain having to use the neb, but the one I got is literally silent and delivers albuteral in about 5 min. so it's not so bad. I'm really self conscious of using the neb but I don't have a choice.

I hope you find something that works for you. If you want some info on the handheld neb, let me know.

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