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So, an update from last time. I went for my pulmonary function test this morning. All was going well, then I came to a part of the test that I couldn't complete. They gave me two puffs of albuterol and then asked me to inhale as deeply as I could. I wasn't able to breathe in deeply enough to complete this portion of the test. What does that mean? Next, they wanted to do my exercise challenge test. I didn't understand why they would give me an exercise challenge test after giving me two puffs of albulterol. When I asked, they said this is what the doctor wanted. Come to find out, after I completed the exercise challenge test, they told me that I have to come back tomorrow, because the albuterol would affect my test results. Can anyone answer why after given the albuterol, I couldn't inhale deeply enough. I will post again tomorrow after I complete my second exercise challenge test, but was just concerned about my inability to complete part of the pulmonary function test.
Okay, so I went and did my exercise challenge test again today. Here is what happened. The technician had me try to do the DLCO portion of the pulmonary function test since I could not perform it the last time. Again, I could not inhale deep enough for them to do the test. The technician said I had to reach their baseline, and that I only get three tries. If I don't reach the baseline, within three tries then they don't continue with the test.

Next, they took be into the treadmill room and started up everything. They put one of those things on my finger that monitors heart rate and oxygen levels. She then started the test. What I am confused about, is that she did not get my heart rate up to its maximum rate. I didn't even work up a sweat! She had me walk for ten minutes. Then they took me back into the spirometry room and had me do the spirometry at 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, and then 30 mins. My results came back negative for exercise induced asthma. What I don't understand is that isn't the test supposed to mimic exercise conditions that would bring on asthma symptoms. I know that when I am outside running, I get chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough. I had absolutely none of these symptoms, but then again, it was like a walk in the park...I wasn't even the slightest bit winded afterwards. My numbers dropped a little bit, but not enough for the test to be positive. Did they do the test wrong?

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