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About a little over two month's ago I started coughing. At first it wasn't too bad. It was everyday, but just every once and a while. I wasn't congested or showing signs of any other cold symptom. Over time, it slowly started to get worse. After 4 or 5 weeks, my family/friends told me I should really get checked out. I coughed up a little blood that weekend, and instead of waiting to see my primary care doctor the following week, I ended up going to an emergency care center (I was trying to avoid the emergency room). They barely evaluated me, told me I had irritant bronchitis, gave me a strong antibiotic and prenisone. The next my primary care doctor on the phone told me that was too strong of a dose to give for just irritant bronchitis. So I didn't end up taking it. Two weeks later I was severely coughing, much worse than before, and to the point I was almost passing out after a few coughs. I felt like there was a heavy weight placed on my chest a lot, and sometimes my heart would start beating either really hard or super fast. Sometimes I was coughing so severe I was throwing up.

I ended up going to the emergency room. They did a chest x-ray, EKG, bloodwork, and a respiratory treatment. They checked my airflow before the treatment and it was low. After the treatment it was still low, but my airflow had increased. Besides the low air flow and severe cough, the other results came back normal. They gave me a z-pack antibiotic and strong cough medicine. They told me they thought I either had acid reflux that was causing my cough or severe bronchitis. I'm supposed to follow up with an ENT to get my vocal cords examined (because apparantly they can determine if it's acid reflux that way). I've been a little busy and haven't had time to go yet, even though I should. The doctor also suggested that if the antibiotic doesn't help and it's not acid reflux, that I need to see a Lung Specialist.

It's been two weeks since then. After the respiratory treatment that night, I improved a lot the next few days. I still was coughing, but minimally on a daily basis. It's been starting to increasingly get worse again. I've found that whenever I'm out in the cold, I go into coughing fits almost immediately and they're always severe. If I move at a fast pace, I often start coughing as well. I'll also point out that I have really bad allergies. Does this by any chance sound like it could be asthma? Should I see the ENT first or go straight to Pulmonary?

I'd really appreciate any advice or help given! Thanks!
Thanks for all the advice so far. I've mostly just had a lot of problems with my digestive system, sinuses, and more recently my shoulder/cervical spine (but that's due to a work-related injury). At first I agreed with the ER doctor that it might be from acid reflux because of having problems with my digestive system, but after the respiratory treatment helped, my air flow was low, and I realized that the cold/doing certain things were causing my coughing fits, I started to question it. For example, this morning I had to run some errands and almost immediately after I went outside I started coughing and even though I blasted the heat in my car, I felt like I couldn't breath/my chest was tight. I don't know a lot about lungs, so thank you to anyone who has or will answer my questions. :)

I already had appointment with my ENT for this Thursday when I posted this. I think I'm going to keep it though. He's a really good doctor, and he's the one who did my sinus surgery back in 2008. It can't hurt to rule out acid reflux or get an opinion from someone who's dealt with asthma before even though they aren't Pulmonary can it?

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