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Hi everyone. I wanted to post a message for any of you who have, or who are, suffering from air hunger (inability to take a deep breath), and resulting anxiety/depression. This summer, during the awful heat wave, I had a really tough time taking a deep breath. I had chest tightness, cough, and panic (since I couldn't breath and thought my life was in danger). I work in a hospital, and I know too much :). I was worried that I might be having heart trouble, a lung blood clot, who knows. I ended up in the ER twice this summer (in the middle of the night, alone, UGH). After many tests, all to make sure my heart and lungs were ok (and they were), and also after a pulmonary function test (to see if I had asthma (I didn't), the doctor told me that I had anxiety.

Well, I'm a fairly normal person, so I didn't connect with the "anxiety" diagnosis. Sure, when I couldn't take a deep breath, anxiety really kicked in. So did waves of depression sometime, which wasn't like me. I was dissatisfied with the doctor's diagnosis. Was I going to begin a life of taking xanax, seeing a psychiatrist, etc? I wasn't sure I wanted to go that route.

So, I started reading, googling, asking questions. I found that the inability to take a deep breath is sometimes caused by physical reasons other than the heart and lungs. Sometimes a person with this problem is stressed, sure--but sometimes they are hypothyroid. Sometimes they are low on magnesium, or there's a hormone inbalance. Sometimes their adrenal glands are exhausted.

I asked my doctor to check me out. I got a thyroid panel of blood tests and lo and behold, I was hypothyroid. Meds for that seem to have helped tremendously with my breathing. I also started taking good supplements, including a good daily vitamin, B-complex, magnesium, omega 3-6-9, and cutting way back on my beloved coffee.

The result, praise God, has been good. My breathing is fine, and situations that would have made me panicky months ago are normal for me now (like driving a long distance, sitting in a crowded auditorium).

So, I want you, if you're having these problems, to have hope. Maybe you can get your thyroid, adrenals, and other issues tested. Ask your doc for that. By all means, get your lungs and heart checked out, too. Have your doc rule out anything life threatening. And then, do some work on your own: take good supplements, maybe check out products on Amazon (I like that site because you can use their search engine to find products on, say, "supplements for anxiety" and then read customers' reviews.

Anyway, I want to encourage you that you may not have to live with air hunger, anxiety, or depression. Also, one last thing: I had to do the work on my own to find out that I was hypothyroid. My doctors never connected the difficulty breathing/anxiety with my thyroid levels. Nor did my doctors suggest that I might be low on magnesium or need extra B vitamins. So, don't expect your doctor to go that route, but you can do it! I did, and feel much better. I know that I can go on. There's hope!

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