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My daughter has had a dry cough since December 12th. After multiple pediatrician and ENT visits, we finally ended up to see an allergy/asthma doctor who dx her with asthma. He did not do allergy testing as he was pretty confident that her asthma was provoked by the virus that she got on the 12th of December and that was compounded by a second virus that she a couple of weeks ago.

He did the breathing test and found that her lungs were functioning at 75%. After an albuterol neb treatment in the office, they improved to 90%.

He sent us home with oral prednisone (5 day course) and albuterol. After the five days, her "flare plan" was to continue on Flovent (inhaler) for another 10 days.

I guess I'm frustrated b/c after completing her prednisone, she is STILL coughing. She has NEVER coughed in her sleep, but within 1 hour of waking up, she is coughing - about once a minute.

Does anyone have any words of advice? Is this normal that it's taking so long to stop the cough? I called the nurse the other day and she said it could take up to two weeks for the cough to go away completely, but I *should* be seeing some improvement. I'm not sure that I'm seeing any....

Sorry this is so long. I'm just upset, frustrated, and concerned.

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