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Hi there all! Well, I am normally a well-controlled asthmatic. Advair 500-50 only once a day, nasacort as needed. Well, I live on the east coast, and we recently lost our power. With no AC filtering the air, I was in trouble. Stayed w/ family, but they had two dogs there (am allergic to dogs mildly). Power came back on, but still breathing awful air, and had to be outside w/ AC tech, and the air quality was orange.

The dry, hacking cough started. And continued, and continued. My allergist put me on 30 mgs of prednisone (it's my 2nd day) til I feel better. Increased advair to twice a day, and am taking tessalon for cough.

Welll, now I have a cold on top of everything else! I took my first tessalon, and it's not really working. I have trouble taking meds, I get alot of side effects, so I haven't taken the 2nd one yet. My peak flow has been normal, but I can't take it today because it will just make me cough. No wheezing. I have a pulse ox meter, and my oxygen is at 99%.

Have any of you had that dry, hacking cough that stop? It is not productive, but I cough so hard that at times I throw up!

Did tessalon work? What did you do? I can't sleep because as soon as I do, I wake up gasping for air (this happens w/ a cold).

What in the world do I do? I can take the 2nd tessalon, and pray I feel better.

Any advice?!?!?

The horrid!!

Thanks all! And be well! - Meagan
Thanks for the reply. Yes, this cough is horrid. I was ok for about 4 hours, now it's back that the tessalon wore off. Yes, I can actually take tessalon and it usually works, but I am allergic to codeine. I think I'm just really out of control this time. A cold on top of that doesn't help!

I do have acid reflux, but so far - so good. I eat when I take the prednisone. I may increase it to 40 mgs a day if I don't feel better soon. The asthma is better (getting good air in and out), but the cough is hideous. I have never been so sick.

Thank you for your response!! It's great to have this board, none of my friends/family who don't have asthma understand this awful condition!

Be well and safe!

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