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Thanks for your response. I didn't give much history in my introduction.

I'm about 4+ years into allergic immunotherapy. (My second go-round.) I'm 2 years into Xolair shots for allergic asthma. Prior to the Xolair, for many years I was on Singulair, Advair 500/50, albuterol (inhaler and nebulizer), Allegra, Flonase and Astelin. With the effectiveness of the Xolair + immnotherapy, I was actually able to gradually step down off of all of the meds over the last year. I have gone back on the Advair as needed over the last year, but usually for a month or two at a time until the triggers are gone. That and the albuterol has worked for me until now. It may be that I need to try adding Singulair again. I'm not sure right now.

My Pulmonologist actually doesn't want me on the Prednisone at all unless my peak flow gets much lower. I've just been struggling so badly with the coughing fits that I agreed to it with my PCP. I called my Pulmonologist and can't get in for an appointment until December 19th. Their office refers me back to my PCP until I can get in. Both my Dr's worry about the steroids on my belly too. My ENT/allergist is willing to do a scope of my throat and switch me from Advair to another tinhaler. I know I could get in to see him in the next few days if I need to.

My worst trigger right now is air quality. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, we had an inversion of wildfire smoky air set in over our mountain valley for almost a week. That was my trigger this time. The air has cleared out, but my lungs still aren't happy. Winters are my worst time because some years we end up with extended periods of inversions and red air quality. I tend to wear a filtering mask around most of the winter when I'm outside.

My Pulmonologist agrees with you on the vaccines for people with asthma. I've already had my yearly flu shot. I can't get the pneumonia one because I'm allergic to horses.

All very good advice though. Thanks again.

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