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My asthma hasn't been controlled very well lately. I also run and notice that even with using my inhaler before a run (or even brisk walk), I get a flare up after my workout that lasts for hours and keeps me from getting a good night's sleep. Went back to my docs for an asthma review and he decided to change up my meds. I was on Qvar and have now been prescribed Asmanex as he wants me to try this before prescribing Advair due to all the side effects.

Has anyone used Asmanex? My doc wants me to do a breathing treatment before using it and then after a week use my rescue before using the Asmanex. I have never used a powdered inhalation before and I know I'm not going to feel anything so how do I know if I'm using it right. Doc demoed using it in the office and I'm still unsure.
My 14 yr old son has been on the Asmanex Twisthaler for over a year and has done pretty well. He had to switch from Advair over to the Asmanex and it was an easy change. Sometimes if he doesn't breathe in deeply enough he will feel a light powder in his mouth. We just make sure the counter changes before he inhales and that's it. Good luck with it!

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