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I have tons of issues with the acid irritating my lungs and triggering my asthma. For years, I didn't get a good diagnosis with this. I do have asthma with allergic and environmental triggers. Also, my reflux was "silent". The only real symptoms I have involve a chronic cough and breathing issues, not any heartburn or other "obvious" symptoms. One test I took showed the acid coming up and irritating my lungs and actually being aspirated a bit into the lungs. It is probably a good thing to try in case you have acid irritating your lungs at all and you may not be realizing it.

I had my asthma flare 9 weeks ago after a long time doing well. I'm now back up to taking a series of meds. They have added back Advair 500/50 which I recently switched to Dulera, Zantac with my Dexilant, Singulair, Tessalon Perle (for the cough), a round of Prednisone, and a round of Avelox. I've also been using my Ventolin and nebulizer with Albuterol. This after most of a year on absolutely no asthma meds. :( It took me a very long time to wean off of everything that I'm now suddenly back on. It really isn't any fun.

Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks. I'm on most of that stuff now. I need to update my med list because I've gone from one OTC pill, one prescription that I don't take and one that I do, to having to juggle six prescriptions. I was going to take ventolin this morning too, but now the prednisone is kicking in I'm not wheezing any more so I guess I don't need it. We went out to dinner on Tuesday night and I had fish and chips for a rare treat. I didn't eat much of it because I filled up on the appetiser plate, and that much grease makes me very acid... but DH thinks the grease probably set me off. I didn't FEEL any indigestion that night, but he could be right... and now I think of it, one night last week the stomach acid came all the way up into my mouth while I was lying down watching tv. It was NASTY and I guess I could have breathed some in. It made me cough for ages just because it tasted so bad, but I can't remember which night it was. Maybe one reason I haven't had asthma lately is we don't eat much greasy fried stuff since John got diabetes?

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