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Hi Trinity,

It does really wear on you when you are in the yellow for so long. I've been there way too often over the years.

I found that adding the singulair to my other meds does help. I've just recently gone back on it after a flare triggered in September by nasty air. The Singulair doesn't so much for me by itself, but in combination I find it does help.

I've never had a Dr. mention too much loss of medication with the nebulizer. I just try to take slow easy breaths when I use mine. I don't pull it out too often, but when it is cold out, I'll tend to use it more frequently when I pre-medicate. I've repeatedly had to show dr's and nurses how I use my inhaler so I know I'm using it right, but sometimes the nebulizer just seems to get the meds a bit deeper into the lungs. I'm also calm and really conscious of my breathing for a long period when I do a nebulizer treatment. I wonder how much of an impact that has.

A couple times when I've been stuck in a yellow flare, I've had the Dr. switch my preventative. Advair 500 is my usual, but I've done Symbicort. I'm currently a month or so into Dulera 200 for the first time.

Are you on shots for your allergies? If not, it might be worth looking into for long-term treatment. I'm 5 years into my second go-round with them. 2 years ago, I started receiving Xolair shots for allergic asthma. Before the Xolair, I swore my issues were mainly caused by cold or polluted air and acid refulx. Now, I believe there was a stronger allergic asthma connection than I knew. The Xolair has worked wonders for me and decreased my asthma flares significantly. That is a longer term treatment also though.

As for the masks, I found both the cold air/weather mask and the pollution masks on-line. There are lots of options. They are created for those specific purposes and are fairly inexpensive. The ones I use are created for everyday use and aren't medical. They even have some they make look fun or pretty with various colors or fabrics so you can express yourself or match to your winter gear.

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