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Hi klynn,

You really are on a pretty heavy duty regimine. I can relate with you. I've had a chronic cough that started last September when we had an inversion and the smoky pollution was really bad. I was gradually getting better (so slowly), then over New Years I got the flu. (Yes I had my flu shot last September.) I've been having more issues since then.

I'm currently on Dulera 200, Pulmicort, Singulair, and albuterol. I've been using my nebulizer a lot lately. I'm also on the Xolair shots monthly.

I didn't realize you were on such high dosages of your Xolair treatment. I only get one shot once a month. Those shots really aren't fun.

I'm about 5 1/2 years into my immunotherapy. I've gone from taking 4 allergy meds daily to being off of them completely. There is hope there.

I don't have much to offer in the way of advice. I can empathize with you though. Hopefully we will both have some improvement in the near future.

I'm struggling now though because we have been extremely cold for a while and have spent a lot of time with red air quality. This entire week, we are in red air quality which is "unhealthy" for sensitive people. It is pretty much impossible to keep from having it trigger when it settles in. A person has to breathe. I do wear a mask outside though.

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