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As much as you enjoy curling, I completely understand your frustration. I live in an area with lots of popular ski areas and I rarely spend any time outside anymore during the winter with the asthma. I volunteered for the winter olympics in 2002 and worked the curling venue. The ice for curling is the coldest for any ice sport. I have a very nice fleece D-loop mask I found on the internet. Could you try something like that to help with the cold air? It fits like those hospital masks, but it is made of fleece and washable. It wouldn't impair your vision, doesn't slip and hour hands would still be free for the curling. They have lots of colors, but it might still look odd. Some of my family and co-workers call mine my Darth Vader mask, but I really don't care and joke back. Breathing well is more important to me.

Yes. I'm still getting my Xolair shots monthly. My ENT's office told me that I'm the only one who has had such extra-ordinary results, but they also said I was the only patient who had been so religious about getting my shots on schedule for such a long period of time. I'm about 2 1/2 years into my shots now.

My trouble lies in the fact I can't avoid the cold winter air and fairly frequent inversions of pollution where I live. I also have some acid reflux issues that flare my asthma periodically. As bad as my flares are at times now, they were 100% worse a few years ago. My Pulmonologist literally told me he wasn't sure I would pull through an extreme flare I had in 2008. I never want to be there again. That is why I'm so aggressive in seeking treatment when I have flares like I do now. Today, I went a couple hours with no coughing, but the minute I stepped outside to go home I couldn't stop. I hate that.

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