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My son is a 10yr old special needs child who has been sick since before christmas. He has a traumatic brain injury suffered before his 5th birthday which affects many parts of his brain including the pain and emotion center. My son also has severe asthma which is why I try hard to catch anything bad before it goes to far. Below is a list of appointments and what happened leading to today and why I am asking for help.

December 3- complaint of sore throat and has history of strep so went to after hours clinic. -Dr. said throat clear and strep test negative, probably just drainage he will be fine.

December 21- still no relief from throat complaints so taken to family Dr. -Dr. say throat slightly red, no signs of infection that he should be fine.

December 27th- Still no relief from throat complaints and now has constant clearing of the throat. went to family Dr. - No signs of infection probably just a cold he will be fine.

Jan 11. - Running fever, still complaining of throat pain, still constant clearing of throat and now nasally voice liked stuffed up accompanied by the sniffing kids due to prevent running nose. - After hours clinic gives him Z-pak said should knock out any undelying infection and all should be well. One week later symptom free so i thought it was over.

Jan 29th- complaining of sever throat pain, nasally voice back, sneezing present as well as sniffing. Make appointment with family dr. for Feb. 1.

Feb 1st.- still complaining of sever throat pain, accompanied by other symptoms - dr. checks him out says it is a cold and he will be fine.

Feb 3rd- refuses to swallow, throat hurts so bad he is just lying there drooling. try home treatment but he just lays around all day so I take him to ER. - Dr. say throat look fine but he has a severe double ear infection and is probably feeling displaced pain in his throat. Treat him with one time injection of antibiotic and motrin for pain. Said he should be fine.

Feb 6th - follow up to ER visit with family dr. -said ears look better and although throat still hurt he is good.

Feb 10th- still complaining of throat pain but now has all signs and symptoms of upper respitory infection. Treating at home with over the counter meds and prescription nebulizer meds.

Feb 12th- Nurse calls from school James has been coughing all day and has had to use rescue inhaler three times at school, ask me to monitor him at home. 4pm- still coughing so I use nebulizer(breathing treatment) at home. little relief. 8pm- still coughing so another breathing treatment. 11:00 pm- still coughing but only been three hours since last breathing treatment, is greyish blue around mouth and fingernail beds, so give breathing treatment anyways, and emergency epinephrine shot and head to ER.- Dr. say he has acute asthma attack SpO2 is 85% upon arrival, respitory therapy provide more nebulizer medications and steroid injection. Dr. examines him and finds double ear infection, bronchitis, and the starts of pneumonia. Treats with steroids and antibiotic. asthma attack under control by 3am and SpO2 is at 98% so released from ER.

Since the last visit to the ER he has non stop brochial spasm coughing. he is using nebulizer meds every four hours, antibiotic, steroid, and cough promethazine DM. Nothing helps.he wakes up in the middle of the night coughing, he maybe gets a two minute break from coughing three to four times a day. nothing has seemed to help this time and I called family Dr. and he just says keep doing what I am doing. and he will be fine. he will not eat because he is coughing to much and he is only took about 20 oz of fluid yesterday. What can I do to help him? Tried over the counter cough syrups, tried both cold and warm humidifier, tried the vicks rub, tried salt water gargle. Just concerned and upset that he has no relief from this nagging, dry, barking cough. ANY SUGGESTIONS???


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