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I've had an experience almost exactly like yours this year. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a flare when my flu hit on New Years Eve. My cough just got better about 1 1/2 weeks ago. My breathing got better by the end of January though. The intense cough lingered. From what I've read, the coughing after flu can last for up to 6-8 weeks even in a normal case. It could be that is what you are experiencing.

My coughing was severe enough that I had periods of vomiting too.

To get through my asthma issues, I first increased my Advair. I ended up on Advair 500 for a while. I also added back the Singulair. Then I switched from Advair to Dulera in November. I started using my nebulizer regularly for the Albuterol instead of just the puffer. The nebulizer gets the meds down into the lungs a bit better. I then added Pulmicort as well. I couldn't do the hydrocodone while working so I went through several bottles of Phenegren DM. Even with all that, I was coughing frequently. I'm still on the Singulair, Dulera and Pulmicort flexhaler daily.

After a while, I started having other issues due to all the coughing too.

Have you been checked for Pertussis yet? Whooping cough has had a dramatic increase in the last couple years. A few years ago, I had an sinus infection which triggered my asthma and a bad chronic cough. I was treated for those for a long time and still got worse. My PCP finally tested me for Pertussis and it came back positive. Turns out when my body was worn down from the first infection, the pertussis snuck in. It might be worth asking your doctor to test you for it if your cough continues to be so bad.

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