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Hi Everyone,

My asthma is pretty mild and not an issue most of the year. Except when I come down with whatever cold/flu bug is going around. No surprise then that I contracted this year's nasty Flu virus in January. And I have been coughing nonstop since (going on 6 weeks).

Unfortunately, the Flu brought on a particularly nasty asthma flare up. I have been coughing so intensely I periodically throw up, which is definitely new for me. I started my Qvar inhalor three days into the flu. I was unable to see my regular Asthma/Allergist, but a different doctor put me on a short course of Methylprednisolone. The cough got a little better, then came back with a vengeance 5 days after the methylpredisolone so my doctor switched me to Asmanex. At one point, I was taking my albuterol inhalor 4-6 times a day (probably not the best idea!).

I finally was able to get an appointment to see my regular Asthma/Allergy doctor, and she put me on a two week course of Prednisone and Dulera. I was downing Hydrocone cough syrup to control the cough, which finally provided some relief so I could sleep. The side effects of the prednisone were terrible, but my cough responded and finally for the most part resolved. I stopped the prednisone a week ago, and have just been on the Dulera and my albuterol inhalor but my cough has been getting worse steadily this past week. Today, it feels almost as bad as when I started the Prednisone!

At this point, I am not sure what to do. My doctor wants me to sit tight, but I am feeling frustrated to return to work coughing as much as I was a week earlier. Also frustrated that I got better, only now to be getting worse. Any advice? Do I need to be more aggressive about getting new treatment from my doctor?
I would ask about taking Singulair for a month or so. It can help a great deal in asthmatic coughs and can be used with your inhalers and Prednisone as well. It stabilizes mast cells involved in allergic/asthma reactions. Once a day pill for as long as it is needed.

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