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I have dealt with sinusitis and asthma since I was 13. It took a while to get my asthma under control and to find a nose spray that helped my sinuses but for the most part it was under control and i rarely had to use my rescue inhaler. Recently (in the past 8 months) my sinuses have been giving me terrible trouble with constant post nasal drip and sinus headaches, and fatigue. My asthma has been progressively worse since winter and I can no longer run and do strenuous activities without getting short of breath. The main symptom that is most frustrating is the cough. The cough was a barking type and as it got worse more mucus has been coming up. I have these coughing fits that I get into and when I finally cough something up ( almost like a mucus plug ) I'm better for a while.
I've been to my primary physician he put me on antibiotics which didn't help and through this I found out I'm allergic to 7 different antibiotics. I am now going to an allergist. He put me on advair which didn't help then he called me in symbicort that seems to be helping minimally but there hasn't been a significant change. I have a chest Xray scheduled for tomorrow I'm hoping they find something so i can get this treated ( if there is a treatment)I'm starting to wonder if there is a type of infection in my lungs/ sinuses such as a fungi. I have been researching it and came up with asperillosis allergy/ sensitivity. It seems like a good fit but the symptoms I have can describe a lot of other diagnoses as well. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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