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I had a daily cough and wheezy beathing, 'guggling' chest (coughing up yellow/clear) mucus in January, so decided to visit my GP.

GP prescribed a week's course of antibiotics - He arrange for blood tests.
After a few days I had bloody diahroea and severe stomach cramps.
(Blood test came back normal)

Revisiting GP - and Stomach ultrasound - no medication was prescribed as he said it would clear up on it's own accord !
At hospital - I was informed that I also needed a Stomach x-ray (requested by GP !) and for some 'stool' samples.

All came back clear - and since I still had the problem of wheezy beathing/'guggling' chest and cough - visited GP once again.

He tried to 'pass it off' as seasonal. Not happy with his diagnoses, he then suggested an x-ray on chest (even denied requesting x-ray on stomach).

Chest x-ray came back clear.

Instead of revisiting GP, and now into March - asked to see another GP at surgery. only to be told that the Nurse would be able to see me.

She did some tests - blowing into apparatus, etc but because I was coughing couldn't get satisfactory results, so suggested to see ENT Consultant.

Earliest appointment was May - (Up to that date , I had some sleepless nights with breathing difficulties and coughing mucus) - ENT throat consultant confirmed that my nose/throat were fine, and arranged for me to see a Chest Consultant (unsure why GP disn't suggest this), as she thought it must be asmtha related.

Still waiting for this appointment - but have been given a Salamol Inhaler as i was admitted into Hospital due to being unable to breath !

have been taking one puff before sleep - and have had no problems during the night.

Does this confirms that I have Asthma ?

Has the GP done his best ?

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