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I've been battling a cold since Saturday. It's made my asthma really bad so I've gone to the yellow zone on my asthma action plan. My medications are doubled and sometimes I take benylin complete. (cough suppressant with mucus thinner) Today, despite the extra medication I have chest pain, dizziness and persistent shortness breath. Even the extra ventolin doesn't seem to help for long. I have really bad allergies and take reactine. I've taken the full dose of it today. Is there anything else I can do? I don't have a nebulizer and I want to try to avoid the ER if I can. I really don't want to go on prednisone again.
I took a cough suppressant/mucus thinner, expectorant syrup. I still feel short of breath but not as bad. When I cough it just seems to move the mucus around but doesn't bring it up. The mucus thinner seems to have helped some but the chest pain is always present even at rest. In the past I was diagnosed with angina so it may be due to that. I have no fever but do get the chills. I do get chest tightness too. This squeezing/tightness is always directly over my heart. I also sometimes get pain and pressure in my breastbone and ribs. Could it be that I am using more accessory muscles when it's harder to breathe? I will definitely go to the ER if it continues to worsen. The last time this happened I ended up having to take a short course of prednisone. I take symbicort, reactine, avamys, singulair, and ventolin.

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