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The high humidity they have had here really makes my asthma much worse. I sleep with the a/c on at night and wake up with a sore and very tight chest. I take my two puffs of symbicort, reactine, singulair, and avamys in the morning. Lately this hasn't been enough so I have to take a couple puffs of ventolin as well. On the bad days I go into the yellow zone where I double everything except the reactine( I am taking the max amount). I take ventolin every four hours as needed. Today, has been really bad. I try to avoid going outside for too long when the humidity is bad. I don't have a vehicle so I walk or take a bus. Is there anything else I can do? I wake up several times a night. I think it may be due to my asthma but I am able to go back to sleep. I try not to take ventolin unless necessary since it can make me more awake.
Hi Trinity,
So sorry you've been struggling with the humidity. Do you take symbicort twice daily or only in the morning? I feel it wearing off if I don't take it every twelve hours and you may find it better if you try twice daily dosing. You may want to talk to your doc about that. I've read that asthma symptoms tend to be worse at night, so it may be worth trying to take your meds before bed rather than in the morning. I use a similar combination of meds as you and find that taking reactine, nasonex and singulair at night helps with my sleep overnight. As well, I was told that it is best to take singulair at night- something to do with how it works and the evening timing being the most effective time to take it. Good luck getting things under control and remember that soon enough we will be complaining about the cold air and its effects on us; )
Hi Prob:

Thanks for your response. I take two puffs of symbicort in the morning and two in the evening. When my asthma is really bad I take two puffs three times a day or two puffs four times a day. I've never heard of taking singulair at night. I take synthroid at night by itself with no other medications. I'm not sure if singulair reacts with it or not. Unfortunately, when my asthma is bad my symptoms occur all day. Sometimes they are worse in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day, sometimes at night. My pharmacist said that I could take liquid benadryl at night but I'm wondering if that would be too much since I take reactine in the morning. The reactine 20mg non drowsy which are supposed to last all day. I also react badly to cold air in the winter. My asthma/allergies are all year long unfortunately.
I'd suggest asking your pharmacist about timing of singulair next time you see them. When I was started on it both my doctor and the pharmacist emphasized taking it in the evening (I also thought synthroid was supposed to be taken in the morning, but I'm sure there are other things to consider when timing med taking). Benadryl should be fine with reactine since they don't interact with one another although both help with allergies.

It sounds really frustrating for you right now. I went through something like you last winter. The last winter was crap, I kept getting colds and felt like every time I started to feel better I got sick again. It was only after pollen season ended that I was able to settle on twice daily dosing. Your plan is similar to mine. I've been lucky this summer and have been pretty stable on twice daily dosing (I've been pretty quick to bump up if I feel any changes). I'm pretty new to this (although I've been dealing with allergies for years) and have had to give up on the idea that I would get off of these meds anytime soon. I hope the weather breaks in your area and you are able to get things under control soon.
Have you tried using a dehumidifier? I am currently living in Japan and the humidity gets to about 79% here and my daughters gets phlegmy throats here. We invested in a small bedside dehumidifier. Did a world of good, although in hindsight we should have bought a bigger model that would dehumidify the whole room and close the door. Once in a while I get allergy issues myself and albuterol doesn't seem to do much for me. I'm not sure if its related, as I don't have asthma.
You said you prefer not to use your Ventolin, but you may need it a bit more often throughout the day, especially if you are in yellow.

Have you tried using the albuterol in a nebulizer form? I use mine when I go down into the yellow and am miserable. I typically start by using it when I first get up and again in early evening. I try to time it so it is before bed, but not too close so I come down off of that shaky feeling the albuterol can give you.

I'm not dealing with the humidity, but the air quality here is horrible and hard to avoid so it creates an environment of trying to adapt the best I can too.
Absolutely! I live in the good ol' South and humidity here in the summer can be a hard thing to deal with. Right now, it is so humid I swear you can see water dripping off things. Yes, it does bother my asthma as well. I find I have a really heavy feeling in my chest, SOB and wheeze a good bit. The only thing I can do is add albuteral and/or atrovent neb as I need them. Good luck!
A dehumidifier is an idea. I wish there was better ventilation in this place! Most of the windows don't let in enough air. I live in an apartment in a very old house. Humidity is just miserable!!! I'll definitely ask my doctor about a nebulizer. I really do think it would help. Thanks for all of the wonderful responses!

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