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Spiriva for asthma?
Apr 12, 2014
Hi I was just curious to know if anyone has been put on the Spiriva inhaler for asthma? I'm a non smoker (always have been ) and my lung doctor recently put me on this for my asthma after having been sick as a dog for over 3 months (phnemonia, bronchitis and asthma attacks)with nothing helping...prednisone for over 2months of it too. But the Spiriva puffer really helps does that mean I've now got friggen Copd now too....and no I didn't ask my lung doctor probably because would have criedif he said yes..and no one in my house smokes either but both parents did growing up.
Some forms of chronic bronchitis are included under the COPD umbrella. It may be due to that. As long as it helps, I would just go with the flow. Additionally, some doctors include asthma under COPD though it's not listed usually.
True but are any other asthmatics on this puffer one here?
I've known of some. I haven't been but a relative was and so was a friend. They eventually transitioned back to their regular med though.
Good to know:) I'd hate to have Copd....asthma is bad enough!! I see my lung doctor in 2 weeks again and I'll ask for sure....he's the type that doesn't like putting names in illnesses. But I'd like to know for sure either way. He's a great doctor but. I'm seeing him ever 1 to 2 weeks for months now and it's kind of wearing on my nerves, I just want to feel better(and stop looking like the walking dead), my lung function test keep coming up at 60% and he's not pleased....
But I do feel better on the Spiriva for sure!!
Hello. I am on Symbicort for my asthma but it is also used for COPD. A lot of medicines can have multiple uses. For example I use Lyrica, a antiseizure drug, for neuropathy. I was also on a Brovana , a nebulizer drug for COPD, when I first got sick with Asthma. If it is working then take it and don't worry.

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