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To start with I don't have COPD or Emphysema...but I do have Asthma and after 44 years of barking (yeah my cough sounds like a cross between a large barking dog and a person dying of lung cancer) and having phnemonia or bronchitis 3 or 4 times per year I finally got put on a drug/puffer that makes me breath like normal person. I've been like this (asthma )since I was 3 months old, and after spending the last 10 years believing that I was going to die of either a major asthma attack or phnemonia....I finally feel like a normal asthma free human being. It's been 3 months now since my new asthma doc put me on Spiriva. And I feel like a new woman. Nothing ever worked for me...and TODAY I had my 3 month check up and my lung function was 100%!!!!!!!! That's 100% normal function.... Working at 100% capacity!!!! Seriously if you have asthma and nothing is helping it ask your doctor for Spiriva. The only side effect I've had is a dry mouth occasionally... I'm not exaggerating I feel like I've been given a new lease on life...I've only used my ventolin maybe 10 times in the last three months…and before I was using about one puffer every 3 weeks or less. My lung doctor says it's not normally used for asthma but every once in a while it does the trick...and I was one of the lucky ones :)
We are here to see if we can be of assistance. Since you have stated that this helped you, it you are trying to offer assistance yourself. Thanks for doing so; perhaps it will help someone else.
i don't have asthma or COPD....i paralyzed the left lobe of my diaphragm and so my left lung has no air being pumped thru....(i get the WEIRDEST crap!)....and spriva is one of the meds i use too....really helps, esp during the hot humid summer; i'm in austin texas, otherwise known as "the face of the sun"....i feel your joy in finding the one med or trick that seems to work for you !

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