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Hello and welcome BlueBelle99, Sorry you have been diagnosed with asthma. I was also diagnosed months ago. Don't want to upset you but not sure you should expect great improvements so fast. Though I can only speak for myself . I am on Dulera also and singular, antihistamines, Nebulizer treatments x 2-3 daily. Just added netti pot and decongestant. + saline solution Nebulizer. I still suffer from daily SOB and chest pain tightness often. Every case is different though I wish you good luck in your treatment. Why don't you contact your dr and tell him you are going out of town? Maybe he has some tips that will set your mind at ease. :)

[QUOTE=BlueBelle99;5323703]Just wanted to say hello and looking for some advice for an asthma newbie. After about a week's worth of shortness of breath and muscle aches, I went to the ER Friday night and was basically told I was having "bronchial issues brought on by anxiety". I followed up with my allergist today who did some lung/breathing tests (pulmonary function I believe) and diagnosed me with asthma.

Needless to say I'm a little freaked out. He is starting me out on ProAir as my rescue inhaler (90 mcg per actuation, 2 puffs every 4-6 hours as needed) and Dulera (200 mcg/5 mcg per actuation, 2 puffs in the AM and 2 puffs in the PM daily). I've started my PM dose tonight and used the ProAir. I can already tell a little bit of a difference, some relief. I mostly have chest tightness/aching and shortness of breath. A little bit of a cough but non-productive.

My biggest questions are how quickly should I see an improvement? I'm supposed to go out of town next Friday through Wednesday and needless to say I'm concerned about going. And is there anything that the doc doesn't typically tell you that I should know up front?

The allergist didn't exactly go over a formal asthma action plan with me. But did tell me if I started to get worse to call his office ASAP (and they have been very good about getting me in, did it within hours today when I called to follow up from the ER).

Thanks all. :)[/QUOTE]

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