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Advice on Advair
Jan 17, 2015
Hello, Healthboards community, I'd like your input on something that's become a bit of a concern to me as of recently. I have an on-and-off, usually minute case of asthma and have been taking Advair (usually 100/50, though occasionally 250/50 during allergy season) for the past 3 - 3 and a half years to ward off any potential attacks as per request by doctors / asthma specialists. I've had several, usually seasonal bouts with it (wheezing, coughing fits, constricted breath, etc.) though, feel fine throughout the majority of the year (the only other instances in which it's brought about are when exercising too intensively, while showering in an extremely enclosed space, when it's brought about by an accompanying sickness and on the improbable chance I'm exposed to enough of the usually elusive substances I have allergies toward to prompt an attack).

What I'd like to ask is whether or not Advair is really the appropriate drug for me or if I should consider an alternative. I'd also like to know if the risk of experiencing all of the adverse side effects often associated with withdrawal is too great for me to completely abstain from it at this point.

Any response would be appreciated, thank you in advance :)

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