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[QUOTE=Bunny914;5341220] ... First off, I thought asthma was supposed to not allow a person to breathe or at least make it extremely difficult. While for me the main symptom is breathlessness, not obstruction.[/QUOTE]

My asthma has come in many varieties, from severely constricted breathing, where I wasn't able to breath either in or out (with my heart either pounding thru my chest, or weakly beating very fast); to moderately difficult breathing with wheezing; to labored breathing, where breathing-in takes more effort than normal.

Asthma can be a cumulative reaction, whereas the more triggers that are encountered, the worse the asthmatic reaction.

[QUOTE]I'll be having a conversation and feel like I just sang an opera all by my self and need to stop before I get seriously dizzy and short of breath. However, there's no dramatic obstruction going on. Just the fact that I cannot hold a conversation like a normal person. [/QUOTE]

I don't remember ever getting dizzy with my asthma. If I encounter an asthma trigger, whether an allergic trigger, or a non-allergic trigger, I will get indigestion, tiredness, nausea, erratic heartbeat, difficult breathing; but no dizziness.

When you stop speaking, does your "seriously dizzy and short of breath" problem resolve, or do you continue to have symptoms, whether or not you stop speaking or not?

[QUOTE]Another thing is that while I do wheeze it's neither super loud (usually very quiet) nor constant. Sometimes I can't hear it (although in complete silence I'll usually hear SOMETHING). This is not what I used to associate with asthma, though.[/QUOTE]

I've always associated wheezing with asthma. If the offending triggers are mild, and the asthma is mild, then the wheezing could be mild, IMHO. Most of my current mild episodes with asthma, I'll suffer from mildly labored breathing WITHOUT wheezing.

[QUOTE]And finally, I'm still not convinced I have asthma because I haven't had any isolated type attacks, which in my mind this is what I thought asthma was: Isolated severe attacks.[/QUOTE]

If you do have asthma and you are not on any asthma medication, then I am very surprised that you haven't had a more serious asthma attack. I hope that you never have one!

I am no health expert, but I am not convinced either, that you have asthma.

[QUOTE]My symptoms have basically been constant for the last 3 months or so (it's summer where I live) and do limit my activities a lot, including my ability to talk!

So I was told that my asthma is probably Persistent and Moderate. [/QUOTE]

How do you characterize your shortness of breath? Is there constant pressure in your chest that doesn't allow you to take a breath without more effort? Does it feel like something is restricting your breathing, either out or in? Is the shortness of breath always the same or does it get worse and more difficult to breathe at times?

When you talk, does it feel like it takes much more effort to breathe in or out, or do you just run out of breath, like after running fast?

It's quite possible that you have multiple problems, one of which is asthma and the other is undiagnosed at this time.

Finding a proper diagnosis and solution to one's health problems can be very frustrating! Best of luck and health to you! :wave:
Just a possibility....I get very breathless and dizzy while talking because of problems with vocal cords. If there are nodules,the chords don't close all the way and you have to push a lot of air through to talk. Basically hyperventilating. Turns out I had acid reflux and did not know it, affects my voice from time to time.

Also I have asthma and symptoms are wheezing and tightness in chest, but not breathlessness. With asthma you cannot fully breathe OUT to empty lungs, so you also cannot breathe in fully. Hope you get a dx and treatment that helps.

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