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Hi friends, I really hope you can offer me your thoughts.

a year ago I caught the worst bout of bronchitis. It didn't bother me too much apart from leaving me with a cough and slight wheeze for months after. It never went away. So after 4 months I went back to the doctor and he told me to just take 5 days of antibiotics. It did absolutely nothing. Wheeze and slight cough remained. So a month later he put me on a different and longer course of antibiotics. Again it did nothing. The cough did eventually die down along with all the green chesty flem but the wheeze remained. I had chest X-rays that showed up no problems. I also did a lung function test which was fine. So I forgot about my wheeze. But then a few months later - BAM!! I had my second bout of bronchitis - really bad too. But by the time I got to the chest specialist 2 months later the bronchitus had gone and my lung function test was fine and he said not to worry about the permanent wheeze. So I didn't. He said my vitamin d levels were very low so I went on an intense course of supplements. That was last November. Then in December and to my utter frustration I get bronchitis yet again really really bad and now it's three months later and I have been coughing every day ever since and the coloured mucus permanently in my lungs and a wheeze. When I take normal calm breaths my lungs feel ok, but when i take deep breaths my lungs feel sore as though they still have bronchitis. My chest also feels tight and as though someone is sitting on it. And I have started to struggle to breathe when I walk fast or up stairs but I think some of that might be anxiety from worrying about the permanent tightness in chest. I have started to really worry as none of the symptoms are abating. I Went back to the same doctor and he now says maybe it's allergic asthma?! He gives me no tests to confirm either way but prescribes me prednisone and a third set of antibiotics and I am super reluctant to take them. Especially the antibiotics and haven't read great things about the steroids.

From all this, does it sound like I do have allergic asthma ? And should I just take the prednisone or should I go see a specialist rather than my normal doctor? Do I need proper testing?

I have researched diets and am going gluten free and wheat free as of tomorrow hoping that may help

Sorry for long post. I'm super anxious so any advice super appreciated (:

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