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Thanks guys,
I think that anytime I go without symptoms for any length of time I start questioning whether or not I truly have asthma and start thinking I don't need my meds. However, when I do have a flare and start coughing people are pretty quick to identify that I sound asthmatic and the nosier ones starting asking what meds I'm taking to manage it, so I guess it's not all in my head. I do wonder if I just got used to functioning without normal lung function before I was diagnosed and now that I know what it's like to be treated, I don't tolerate being symptomatic like I did before diagnosis. I can recall several times where I got short of breath doing activities (i.e. hiking) that others were tolerating without problems and it seemed unrelated to my overall fitness.

My doc and I have talked about how to wean my meds and she's asked that I be symptom free for 3 months before attempting. I had tried several times in my first year of treatment and ran into real problems in the process. I was excited because I'd finally reached the three month mark of symptom control (for the first time since the beginning) and was ready to try weaning when my symptoms started to flare. It's even more frustrating because I can't figure out what's triggered this flare. The worst trigger is viral illness followed by tree pollen and ragweed. It is way too early for environmental allergies and I haven't been sick since November. I figured I would have to restart the singulair when allergy season started, so have now missed the window to take a break from it until next fall/winter.

So far this flare isn't too bad, but my ribcage is sore, which makes me wonder if I'm breathing harder than I'm appreciating. I feel tight and am having one or two coughing fits in the day and needed ventolin before I went to sleep last night. I missed a single dose of symbicort two weeks ago (used an empty one for one dose. I had checked it in the morning, knew it needed changed but forgot to do it and took my dose from the old chamber. I realized the next day when I felt crummy in the morning, and even took an extra dose). Can you have a flare from missing a single dose of symbicort?

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