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... and almost never need my Albuterol since the doc switched me to the Advair. Before the Advair I was on Accolate, Volmax and Flovent AND frequently needing my Albuterol. ... (11 replies)
... with every meal while I was taking the antibiotic. Eating yogurt with every meal is an alternative to the pills, but you get sick of yogurt. ... (8 replies)
... not. Because some people are not so lucky to find the right medication right away. I know becasue I tried every color of inhaler and none of them worked, but advair seems to work, But it gives me such bad side affects I cannot function. And that causes me not to do my job, and is interfering with my daily life. ... (11 replies)

... I take advair before i go to bed, which has 50mcgs of serevent and that's also a long acting bronchodilator. ... (11 replies)
... and she is like a different person. Well, I kind of got off my subject. What I meant to write about was alternative solutions to prednisone. Check into it and inquire about a homeopathic doctor that might can help you. But I am very much in favor of natural vs. ... (7 replies)
... Advair has a stimulant-bit in it (it's a combination inhaler) that can make you feel a little wired. This will go away with time after you having taken it for a few days -- if it's really really really bothersome, go back to your doctor. Advair is a combination of Serevent and Flovent. The Serevent will open up your airways. You may not notice much of a difference, or you... (4 replies)
... Yes, weight gain on advair and always have swollen toes and fingers. I just recently was told this is what it is from, It never occurred to me. ... (18 replies)
... seretide I am posting the alternative treatment that worked for my mother. ... (1 replies)
... acting bronchodilators are usually prescribed in the combination inhalers Advair and least in the US. ... (8 replies)
... It depends upon where you live in Canada ..I live in southern Ontario and we've had the generic here for a while:) (9 replies)
... I also use Flovent, it is still on the market. I also HAVE used Spirvia. However, I was getting hoarse. My Pulmo Dr. thought it was something else and had me go to an ENT which said I could have (sp) laryngeal reflux. Been on Prilosec. My question to anyone is: To those who do take Spirvia have any of you had hoarsness? I ask this as I stopped puffing it for a few days... (9 replies)
... My son too is on symbicort. It has been amazing. We went from being in the dr. office every 2 to 3 weeks to only once in the last 8 months. (and then, there was no weezing) the year before he started symbicort, he had to take oral steroids 6 times. So scary. Because any little cold, his lungs would go crazy and his oxygen sat. would decrese. Symbicort is an inhaled steroid... (9 replies)
... i have heart problems and my dr put me on xopenex for a rescue inhaler. there is a 100% difference. it has the same immediate effect of opening your lungs but it doesnt mess with your heart like albuterol does. try it! he also put me on symbicort as an alternative to advair (long term asthma medicine) and the symbicort actually makes my breathing immediately better so i... (3 replies)
... Congratulations on your soon expected baby. I was hoping rinsing would make everything alright. Sounded too good to be true. I'm sure having all these problems while being pregnant is multiplied by 10. Hang in there. (8 replies)
... Yeah they say that it will prevent thrush, but it doesn't necessarily. When my doctor thought thrush was what I had he gave me a big lecture on rinsing after each use. But since then I've spoken to other people who say they rinse too, and it doesn't always help. Just one of the unfortunate side affects, I guess! This is a real pain in the you-know-what, because the... (8 replies)
... Thank you for the reply! I will definitely ask my doctor about that one. Whiskers :) (8 replies)
... I have been looking for alternative asthma meds to discuss with my Dr. ... (8 replies)
... right now, but my doctor said, it's not. I still feel miserable. I have a cough and so much phlegm. Spring is really bad for me. Right now I am looking into alternative medicine, accupuncture, and food supplements to see if there is anything that will help. ... (3 replies)
... n up to 5 days a week, and I did make it back so far every 2 weeks and I feel great, but have no real proof of a difference yet. Except that I forgot to take my Advair for 2 full days without noticing any adverse effects, where normally I would wake up in the middle of the first night short of breath. ... (1 replies)
... But I noticed a increase when my perimenopausal symptoms started. I have a little higher than normal blood pressure, but I also need to lose weight. I am on Advair and Allegra for asthma and allergies. ... (2 replies)

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