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... My Pulmonologist basically left it up to me as to whether to go with Advair or Symbicort. ... (4 replies)
... I can't tell you about symbicort vs Advair, though because in the States, only Advair is approved...I have no clue why symbicort isn't yet though because both of its components are approved seperately...weird, huh? ... (10 replies)
... I've been trying to do extra reading online, and it seems to me that Symbicort would be the better medication because of it's fast relief time. Has anyone ever tested the two "head to head"? ... (10 replies)

... including Advair and its different strengths. ... (10 replies)
... acting bronchiodilator. In fact, I personally found Symbicort works better for me than Advair. ... (4 replies)
... for my asthma control I currently take nasonex (2 puffs once a day) advair and qvar, 2 puffs twice a day. I have read a lot about symbicort --- Question One - does this drug provide both anti-inflamorty and airway constriction relief as does Advair? Question Two -are there any over the counter and/or generic drugs that will do the same as ANY of the drugs mentioned above? ... (4 replies)
... I didn't like Symbicort because it caused my throat to be completely raw..even with gargling and rinsing mouth out each time. It also didn't help my asthma symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... Also, I guess I've always thought of the USA as having the latest in medical research and medications, but the Advair MDI and Symbicort here make me feel like Canada is a bit more progressive in the asthma medications at least! I'll count my blessings. ... (10 replies)
... I was on symbicourt 2 puffs twice per day. I found with it I was always coughing on it. Could have been dry throat or the long acting ventolin type med in it or so many puffs. My doctor told me to use it as my rescue inhalor so take it up to four more puffs each day. I've been through major cancer treatment last year so I was on high dose steroids and told to stop taking... (4 replies)
... In Canada, yes they do. For Orion: Yes, that was the originally touted main reason for taking Flovent with a spacer -- that it was better for thrush etc etc. Honestly I'm not so sure it makes that big of a difference and I'm not sure that the HFA are that compatible with the spacers (I mean, maybe some of the smaller ones, I've seen like 20 different kinds of spacers and... (10 replies)
... They make Advair in MDI? ... (10 replies)
... Thank you... I think I will ask for Advair, I'm really hoping it'll ease my symptoms at home for the holidays. I wasn't aware that there was a problem with a spacer and the new HFA inhalers. I didn't see anything in the info papers at least, but I know they aren't comprehensive. I thought that using the spacer with the anti-inflamatory (Flovent) was good; the asthma... (10 replies)
... I was on Symbicort for a little over 2 years. I am seeing a new pulminologist and he switched me to Advair. ... (0 replies)
... I highly recommend you take at least one. Also, have you considered Advair--my 11 year old DD is on the 500 version and itt works well! It is important to control your asthma to prevent flare-ups! (6 replies)
1 puff vs 2 puffs
Mar 30, 2012
... Thx for the responses. If you take rescue inhaler for exercise (1 or 2 puffs), how long does it typically last you for? Few hours of tennis? Also, have you guys tried anything other than flovent but in the same category (no LABA's like advair or symbicort). Flovent still gives me nasal congestion Lastly, do you guys use spacers at all? (9 replies)
... With regards to the spacer delivery system, it does make a difference to how much of the steroid gets into your lungs. It stops the particles from hitting the back of your throat and allows them to be inhaled. That also helps prevent thrush although i agree that you should still rinse out your mouth. (10 replies)
... From what I've heard, the USA is quite behind the times as far as progressive treatment goes -- I mean, they just started getting into this preventer treatment thing like four or five years ago! A lot of the differences (that I can see, anyway) are also having to do with how the hospitals are run -- it's very physician oriented down there, doctor says, staff does, that kind... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the tip... I know it shouldn't make a difference to me but the idea of fancy turbohalers and diskuses sounded exciting! But it sounds like the basic puffer is really the best delivery system. (10 replies)
... Hi, I can't help you with the different drugs, (I'm from england and they have different names over here) but the use of a spacer improves the amount of medication you get into your lungs. It also makes it easier for you if you don't have much puff!! The problem with breath activated inhalors is that is if you're short of breath then they may be difficult to activate. I'm only... (10 replies)
... ks for you. When I was first diagnosed after a bad case of bronchitis, it took months for my symptoms to settle down with medication. Still, it sounds like maybe Advair isn't working well for you. ... (14 replies)

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