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... It is especially designed for babies. We too started out with just an inhaler like you described. I only use it now with albuterol for acute attacks. We use Pulmicort as preventative and Xopenex as needed when she is wheezing. ... (4 replies)
... We seen a new asthma specialist yesterday. They changed her albuterol to xopenex, her flovent to pulmicort 1mg twice a day, put her on nasonex, and patenol eye drops. ... (266 replies)
... my 2yr old daughter has been on pulmicort since she was about 10m old. She also has albuterol as a rescue treatment when she gets really bad. She's on it 2x a day as well and so far she seems fine. I've never had any problems with it. ... (5 replies)

Apr 13, 2005
... Well, my lungs had been so well behaved for like 3-4 weeks, and I used no Albuterol. Just the Pulmicort. It was wonderful...but this morning I woke up SOB. I'm attributing it to the sinus infection...could that be a trigger? Or do you guys think it was something else? Any thoughts? I meant to ask my GP, just outta curiosity...but there's always something I forget--and that was... (2 replies)
... Hello! My toddler was just diagnosed yesterday with asthma. He prescribed Pulmicort respules for her (.5mg twice per day). Does anyone else use this? Any problems with it? After reading the insert and info on the Internet I feel fairly comfortable using it but don't know anyone else who does. I didn't really suspect she had asthma. I had brought her in for chronic diarrhea... (5 replies)
... I was diagnosed with RAD and put on pulmicort for some of the same symptons that you have. Then, took the MC test and came out positive and was diagnosed as asthma. ... (2 replies)
Jan 24, 2005
... i thought i was unhealthy pulmicort twice a day loratadine once a day rhinocort twice a day Albuterol inhaler as needed elidel when needed but i am 18 i can just imagine what i will be on when i am in my 40's (9 replies)
... Hey guys...two questions... For one, I'm still confused about the pulmicort...I don't see a viewing window or anything on my turbohaler to indicate the number of doses left. Secondly, how do I tell when I'm out of Albuterol? My inhaler has staretd to do a really weak spray, like I have to spray it a few times before I actually use it, even though it has not set for a... (5 replies)
... it make me very nervous feeling and my heart woudl just race. I really dislliked taking it, but the Pulmicort just didn't do anythign for me. I bought a full range peak flow meter and used it 2 times a day, soemtimes more depending on if I exercised or not. ... (9 replies)
... Do you take a steroid inhaler - like Advair or Pulmicort? I think one of those might help you through the winter if you've got a lot of inflammation. By calming the inflammation down, most of the time, you won't cough as much or be as congested. (11 replies)
Mar 25, 2004
... mcg dose of pulmicort I was taking every day. I don't think it had a significant beneficial effect on my asthma. ... (37 replies)
... ake my other med for my allergies i am not someone that likes to take meds and all these meds are just 2 much........ if i would only use my one inhaler which is Pulmicort that is used because my lungs r really inflamed do u think i would be ok................ ... (1 replies)
Dec 19, 2003
... maybe I should give it a shot for my asthma.......Right now I use pulmicort every other day and albuterol for my asthma... ... (19 replies)
... I was on pulmicort and foradil for 3 months. Also Singulair and antihistamines. ... (1 replies)
... Anyone familiar with cough variant asthma? Our 5 year old has been plagued with this condition since he was 9 months old. No wheezing. His maintenance meds are pulmicort, prilosec (acid reflux, rhinocort, zyrtec. Rescue meds are albuterol, atrovent. A persistent CONSTANT Violent dry cough comes back every 2-4 mos usually with a virus,cold usually (postnasal drip) and lasts... (2 replies)
... The Pulmicort calms down the inflammation inside her lungs and can keep the coughing and secretions she's coughing up from becoming a problem. ... (5 replies)
Toddler asthma too
Sep 25, 2003
... I just read that in a herbal medical book. My son was tested for many things but that wasnt one of them. I am not sure I will try it on him. Pulmicort and Albuterol have such a bad effect on him and to use it everyday just breaks my heart. ... (7 replies)
Toddler asthma too
Sep 23, 2003
... Thank you for the advice, I agree completely. I am looking more for preventative, but I know when it comes down to his breathing, albuterol and pulmicort it is!! ... (7 replies)
Toddler asthma too
Sep 23, 2003
... Our 2 year old was diagonsed with asthma at 3 months of age which is already strange. He not only had asthma but sever food allergies as well. (which he has now outgrown) Just like the other parent stated, our son seems to be fine all summer long. He maybe had one treatment. Last winter he was up to 7 breathing treatments a day, a combo of albuterol and pulmicort, with... (7 replies)
Aug 14, 2003
... day. I am still needing the Albuterol on some days in between using the Atrovent. ... (9 replies)

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