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... for all intents and purposes, there are two ways your airways can become narrowed through asthma. One is immediately reversible, one takes more time. The pulmicort and singulair can take care of the narrowing that is not immediately-immediately reversible, thereby making albuterol/etc work better because airways are then allowed to open more. That's one answer. ... (8 replies)
... in a suburb of Phoenix and I ask myself where I would move all the time! Dry weather is supposed to be good for asthma, but here I am on theophylline, accolate, albuterol inhaler and solution, serevent, pulmicort, flovent, rhinocort, clonazapam, atarax, and I'm sure that I'm forgetting a few! ... (27 replies)
Apr 9, 2003
... Hi Mary. I want to share that my son who will be 18 months old tomorrow has now been off nebulizer treatments for 2 months after 13 months of use. Thankfully I got educated and learned that most products in the home (cosmetics, personal care items, and cleaners) contain toxic chemicals that irritate and trigger asthma and allergies. My son was on Xepenox (albuterol) and... (20 replies)

Apr 8, 2003
... Meh, some would disagree. I'm not saying I mind that you guys have different names for it -- it's actually rather convenient, when someone comes into hospital insisting and insisting that Ventolin doesn't do it for them, when their chart says opposite, and you give them Ventolin anyway, with some Berotec on standby in case they ARE right, and are greeted with cries of "OH... (20 replies)
Mar 29, 2003
... Problem with you going to nebulized solutions is you can't get advair as a nebulized solution. You can't get flovent as a nebulized solution, and you can't get serevent as a nebulized solution. The only corticosteroid you can get as a nebulized solution is Pulmicort, which comes as a drug suspension, and thusly can't be used in an ultrasonic nebulizer setup. This means... (20 replies)
... I don't think Singulair affects your blood sugar levels. Which is pretty rare, for asthma drugs. Both beta-2-agonists (like albuterol/ventolin, serevent and foradil/oxeze,) and corticosteroids (like prednisone, flovent and pulmicort) have the nasty side effect of jerking around your blood sugar. Beta-2-agonists can make your blood sugar drop by increasing your cellular... (1 replies)
... Please help. My four year old daughter has been diagnosed with asthma since she was a year old. She has had five hospital stays always at the end of December with the exception of being hospitalized last month(September). Each time they diagonise pneumonia with asthma. The problem is her oxygen levels. The doctors battle to raise it over 87 for days. She is on Pulmicort... (9 replies)
My kids update
Jul 15, 2002
... Meredith...Her RAD is doing good,shes on pulmicort and albuterol.She has however been diagnosed with Acquired Hydrocephalous and will have surgery for shunt placement. ... (0 replies)
... ction test, without the use of a bronchialdilator, and was dx'd with asthma. I am having the test redone with a methacholine challenge next week. Singulair and Pulmicort do nothing for me. Last night I was having difficulty breathing, so I took my albuterol. ... (3 replies)
... I haven't had to stay in the hospital, and have only visited a couple of times! I take Theophylline 900mgs per day, and use albuterol, Serevent and Pulmicort inhalers I have a nebulizer too. I have been on Pred 3 times in the past 6 weeks though..YUK!!!I think that is because I had to quit taking Accolate.Anyway... ... (2 replies)
... Hi, well first of all,I have a "nebulizer" and have had that same problem... No insurance, expired solutions..But NEVER use expired medication or solution... some medications' change form after expiration dates and can either 1. not be effective 2. become TOXIC! Even Tylenol..anything expired you shouldn't use it. Secondly, I think you should see the Dr. if you are... (8 replies)
... I have had Asthma for 25 years...I have taken virtually everything out there. And have gone into respiratory arrest once. The fairly new pill Singulair has been a godsend! 1 pill once a day. No shakes, no rapid hearbeat, no sleeplessness ( all associated with other pill form asthma drugs ie: theodur, theophylline). I also take Servent inhaler 2 puffs twice a day-long acting... (14 replies)

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