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... My 2 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with asthma. I had been noticing that whenever she gets a cold she always gets to a point where her heart rate goes fast and breathes rapidly. The last three attacks she had she vomitted as well, and in the last one she was so bad she could barely speak and was sleeping/lethargic all day. I know now that colds trigger her... (15 replies)
... Thanks so much! (13 replies)
... Maxair and albuterol will make you jittery. Some people find that the jitteriness gets less and less bad with every time they have to take it, so. ... (13 replies)

Asthma "attack"?
Jan 27, 2012
... q.12. I'm doing Pulmicort Turbuhaler 100 mcg 1 inhalation q.12. ... (3 replies)
... His blood work was fine and an xray confirmed bronchiolitis. So they did a treatment of albuterol and things seemed better. So they sent me home with all the stuff. ... (9 replies)
... after a few treatments. No hospital visits and only checkups. The day before Thanksgiving he got real bad. Was admitted to ICU for 6 days. They did continuos albuterol for about 48 hours with no improvement. In fact he was getting worse. ... (6 replies)
Apr 5, 2003
... Some people found they couldn't tolerate Pulmicort, so they're on Flovent. Flovent works a little FASTER, but neither one works really "better" than the other. Pulmicort is more classically prescribed for little ones because ... ... (20 replies)
... She took Pulmicort off and on during the winter and went 6 months without any asthma symptoms. The specialist took her off Pulmicort on April first, but then she was in the ER again on April 25th two days after being diagnosed with an ear infection. ... (15 replies)
... Can he stay on the albuterol daily? ... (5 replies)
... We need to continue on the Albuterol at the same time as the Pulmicort until Friday and then can try to take her off the Albuterol. He thinks the steroids should be more effective at treating her cough. ... (10 replies)
... My oldest son uses Pulmicort as needed, though he doesn't have asthma. ... (5 replies)
... I am a 59 year old male and I was diagnosed with excersized induced asthma about 12 years ago. I was prescribed one puff of Pulmicort once a day. It seemed to work. Since then about every 3 years or so I needed to increase the dosage because I felt it wasn't working at the time. ... (6 replies)
... To counter what you said about most people switching from Pulmicort to Flovent, I went the other way. I started on Flovent and then switched to Pulmicort becuase the Flovent did bad things to my voice. ... (2 replies)
... read your post and realised I missed a question. It's a good idea to take the albuterol first, as this opens up the airways, so the Pulmicort can go right in where it's needed. If the airways are tight, the Pulmicort may not go deep enough. ... (5 replies)
... Posing this for my reference & for others. Helps when I want to quikly look up & clarify what drug someone has mentioned they are taking. BRONCHODILATORS Beta 2 agonists) RESCUE SHORT ACTING INHALERS (Brand name/Drug Name) 1. Xopenex(levalbuterol) *Some people report less jittery side effects than allbuterol 2. Proventil & Ventolin (albuterol/U.S.... (0 replies)
... My Doctor is very conservative with the meds and I guess it's a good thing unless you can't gain control. I worry about taking too much Albuterol and yet I know of sufferers who are given Albuterol daily as part of their protocol. I dunno! ... (3 replies)
... Asthma specialist who got me off the Prednisone and onto a small daily dose of Pulmicort and Albuterol for when I need it. ... (6 replies)
... pulmonologist to see what his summer regime should be since he was put on pulmicort nebulizer for the cold months. ... (0 replies)
... and albuterol nebulizations. A month later he repeated the attack..this time his allergist thinks it was a cold or sinus infection.. ... (10 replies)
Pediatric asthma
Mar 12, 2007
... December they finally came to the conclusion she has asthma. This is after 2 month of continuous coughing and no one sleeping for all that time. They put her on albuterol inhaler, pulmicort inhaler and singulair tablet. It seemed to do the trick until this past Friday when the coughing started again. ... (2 replies)

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