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... not even give dosage instructions, however going on what you have said he probably doesn't need it. They don't know if he needs it when he has not even tried the Pulmicort yet. ... (5 replies)
... My son is 20 months old and is currently on Pulmicort Respules .5mg daily for maintenance and Albuterol as needed for rescue. He gets his nebulizer treatment every day but he has NO problem taking medication. ... (10 replies)
... i didnt get a peak flow meter either and im on pulmicort, flovent, and advair im basically out of breath all the time or cant breathe especially at night. i go to the doctor once a month sometimes more than that if i have an attack and i have severe persistant asthma.:rolleyes: (11 replies)

... Well, I have only been on the Lyprinol a short time. I won't have the 8 wks in until August. But, I have stopped taking the Pulmicort twice a day. Now, I only take it in the morning. I still have some mucus, but I had that before. It's getting better. ... (12 replies)
... Hi, I'm new here, and getting a lot of useful info out of these boards. I was always sick as a kid, but the doctors always focused on my tonsils. (Too small to take out). Looking back, I think I was asthmatic. I got two major asthma attacks in the 70's and then nothing until this year. (I'm in my 50's now). Two severe attacks of bronchitits brought it back. I'm on Pulmicort,... (2 replies)
... Have you ever been on Pulmicort or any other brand of corticosteroids. I was wondering if they would have the same side effects, although I have heard that Pulmicort is absorbed into the body more than Advair. ... (8 replies)
... Hi again. We are doing the Albuterol 3 times/day as well as 0.5mg Pulmicort 2 times/day. Faith has not been wanting to eat solids for the past 3 days. She will still take her bottle, but is refusing cereal, jarred food and finger food. She also has been vomitting a little and blew out her diaper tonight. I have been looking for side effect information on the Pulmicort,... (10 replies)
... eventually switched from pulmicort to advair. ... (7 replies)
... lt pulmonologist who was great, but my mom wanted me seeing a peds doc. So, I came back about to ped. pulmo. a month ago and he told me I had anxiety and to take albuterol if I needed it. Turns out my lungs were bad then, and got worse and worse. I was intubated and all at my last ER visit... ... (40 replies)
... the pulmicort tends to settle to the bottom and you get nebulized water, basically. ... (19 replies)
... The preventative medicines I'm on right now are singulair and Pulmicort. The Pulmicort is like prednisone only in an inhailed form. I haven't noticed any side effects besides a bit of a sore and dry throat. ... (19 replies)
May 20, 2003
... I have read the posts here about advair Has anybody been put on it during a severe asthma attack? My daughter was and seemed that we couldn't bring attack under control--when I took her off it and went back to old meds--Pulmicort and servent she recovered quickly. I know Advair is a new drug and is actually supposed to be better--than what she is currenty using... (4 replies)
... I don't know... he's been on breathing treatments including albuterol and pulmicort on and off over the last 2.5 months and they never seemed to make a HUGE difference before either. ... (11 replies)
... Treatment sounds reasonable -- if his PFT showed narrowing and his symptoms are a cough that won't go away, definetely sounds like asthma to me. Not everyone with asthma wheezes -- in fact, in kids, that's half the reason it's so hard to make a diagnosis, because quite often they show no other symptom than a tight, harsh cough. The treatment he's on right now sounds... (11 replies)
... I had no idea you had to wait between treatments. Thanks for telling me, I had been giving her the pulmicort right after the albuterol. ... (9 replies)
... She is really doing well on the pulmicort too.I think it has kicked in because she has been sleeping all night without any coughing. ... (9 replies)
... Are you seeing an asthma specialist? (either pulmonologist or allergy/immunology person who specializes in asthma) If not, it's probably time to get a referral to one or the other. I would start keeping a log of how often you are taking your rescue medication, how often you are requiring steroids, and how often you are missing your scheduled doses of controller... (2 replies)
... Also on xolair for 19 months, alvesco for 2 months, dulera for 1 month, pulmicort respules for 4 months. ... (3 replies)
... and albuterol as needed. He's been sick for a few days and the albuterol doesn't seem to help. He's also on prenisone. ... (9 replies)
... Well he takes Pulmicort - a steroid - for the long acting treatment of his asthma. Which is what I think Flovent is. What he needs is a rescue inhaler. Something short acting that stops an attack once its started. He has used Ventolin (albuterol) in the past and it didn't work very well. In fact, he had pulmonary function tests that showed conclusively that his... (7 replies)

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