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Jan 30, 2010
... Singulair isn't meant to treat asthma alone in people that require daily medications, like flovent, asmanex and so on and so forth. It does help reduce symtoms and make attacks less severe. ... (10 replies)
... eplying. I have switched to Flovent Diskus 250 twice a day. It seems to be working pretty well. I am now on week three I think of it. I like how the company made advair diskus and flovent diskus. So one has salmuteral or however spell it and one just with flovent. ... (2 replies)
Advair question
Dec 27, 2007
... I take singular, nasonex (not right now - gave me nosebleeds, which would have been messy over Christmas events - kind of pretty, though? ;)), astelin, asmanex, serevent, omexprozele (for heartburn/asthma), xopenix (nebulizer and inhaler). (10 replies)

... Yes, Red -- everyone with asthma should have a rescue ihnaler like Albuterol for those moments when it's needed. It should be carried with you at all times. Wheezing doesn't always require the use of Albuterol -- sometimes it passes uneventfully after a short time. But of course if you feel shortness of breath or real chest tightness than relief is called for. Your... (4 replies)
... FYI, the Advair issue is overwhelmingly in African Americans. My doctor won't prescribe it to them. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks so much for the info. I quit the Serevent and cancelled the tests the doc scheduled. Only been 24 hrs. and already feeling better. Will check into the Pulmicort and Asmanex. Thanks again! :o) (4 replies)
... I'm taking it ,I was having trouble with Advair and my dr. put me on it two months ago ,and I'm not doing to good since the tree pollen got bad. ... (5 replies)
... I have never heard of it. How is it different from Advair and can we get it in the US? ... (5 replies)
... Just as an FYI, those really aren't "progressively stronger" medications, they're just different versions of the same medication. In some ways, Advair and Symbicort are stronger than Asmanex because they contain multiple medications, but they are very similar overall. ... (6 replies)
A few questions
Aug 26, 2008
... I was on Advair until my insurance changed and the copay tripled for it. I was already using Asmanex at bedtime, along with the Advair twice a day and Spiriva in the morning. ... (3 replies)
... I was on Advair two years ago for a while but switched to Asmanex when I heard about the asthmatic deaths attributed to Advair. It was in Time magazine. It has a black box warning on it saying it could actually trigger asthma. ... (20 replies)
... On the equivalent dose of Advair or Asmanex, I was hoarse constantly. ... (2 replies)
... OK, so my doctor diagnosed me with "adult-onset" asthma in December 2008. I'm questioning this diagnosis. I'm also questioning my doctor's choice of treatments, as I seem to have been prescribed some powerful drugs to treat relatively mild symptoms. These may have been causing some terrible side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Here is my story: I have never had any... (6 replies)
New Here
Jan 28, 2008
... it. I was so shaky. I was like a little old lady I was so shaky, muscle cramps, blurred vision, swelling, and it made my RLS horrible. So that is why I am on asmanex now. He has sent me for one sleep study. ... (3 replies)
... I am 33 and have lived in DC my whole life I was sick a few times this winter and had a lasting cough afte each illness. They gave me antibiotics and Asmanex after 3 weeks of coughing in January. ... (5 replies)
Sep 14, 2010
... Also, Advair and Symbicort seem to upset my stomach, but then so does my rescue inhaler. And Tylenol, for that matter, my stomach is absurdly sensitive. ... (3 replies)
... acting bronchodilators are usually prescribed in the combination inhalers Advair and least in the US. ... (8 replies)
A few questions
Aug 26, 2008
... acting bronchodilator and an inhaled steroid, while Asmanex is just the inhaled steroid. Asmanex works just fine and there are lots of people that are on just the inhaled steroid but I think a pulmonologist would help you sort that out. ... (3 replies)
A few questions
Aug 26, 2008
... I've noticed that Symbicort and Advair seem to be the most common used ones here. ... (3 replies)
... ha moment was when the doctor mentioned that steroids can cause depression. I've been on Advair for 3 years and started Asmanex 6 months ago. ... (7 replies)

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