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... I did not have any tests when I went to the Gastr Dr. He skipped all the tests and put me on Prilosec. The coughing comes and goes in a much milder form since I started the nebulizer. ... (23 replies)
... have no idea. Some days my chest is a little off, but it doesn't get in my way. Other days I have major discomfort lasting for a couple hours or more, or nasty coughing fits. It might be a silly question, but where do you draw the line? ... (10 replies)
Is it Asthma?
May 17, 2009
... I had always assumed that the reason one didn't put their lips on the inhaler was for hygeinic reasons. BUt if your the only one using it it probably doesnt matter - what matters is the end result - when you use the inhaer by any technique is it easier to breath! IF so you must be doing it right.:jester: Hppy (7 replies)

Is it Asthma?
May 16, 2009
... On the issue of technique: I've been instructed to close lips tightly around the mouthpiece. My searches on the web have indicated that both techniques may be ok, but to follow manufacturers or care providers instructions. Proventil's online literature states that one should close lips tightly around the mouthpiece. I wonder if closed lips works better with HFA inhalers,... (7 replies)
... I myself had attacks on the airplane, ususallly from b.o. My attacks are coughing fits not wheezing. But the chest pain and soreness ususally lasts up to 3 days or more. Any more then that I go into the doctor. ... (10 replies)
... Thank you both for your replies, i find where i get lost is just 'how' do you know what is the Asthma. I am experienced with asthma as my youngest suffered with it for 7 yrs, and my eldest is still asthmatic and has had it for 8 yrs. ... (3 replies)
... The grunting noise at the end of her coughing fits means she's having trouble breathing. When you hear that grunting, prepare the albuterol. ... (10 replies)
... It could be. Asthma seems to vary so much from person to person and it has bben known to appear at any stage of life. ... (9 replies)
... My asthma just sort of appeared several weeks ago. Not gradually, just one day I started coughing and the next I was having coughing fits and chest pains. Since then, it's getting much, much worse. I've had several bad asthma attacks since it first started. ... (5 replies)
... today, but the chronic coughing here and there is getting better. In other words, the delineations between true attacks and the constant coughing is getting clearer. ... (22 replies)
... hi dazedandconfused, im sorry to hear you got asthma, i do hope things will improve for you, my son (cory) is know 3 and will be starting school wednesday full day i am so dreading it as if he runs around he has coughing fits, i got to take his pump to school with him, when he first had asthma they kept saying to me no its just chest infections and it went on... (4 replies)
... I am new to the forum and am in need of some asthma advice. ... (8 replies)
... I know it is not good for them, but my child is 7 and has gone through this alot. anyways the only thing that helps her stop coughing is prednisolone, it is a steriod but it does work, we have ended up in er alot with asthma attacks and guess what they always give her, that pred, she is also on advair 45/21, singular 5mg,and now zrytec. well i hope this helps you. i know how... (43 replies)
... use those do bother me on occasion. The only thing I can think of that sometimes triggers my symptoms is being overtired or stressed. Can either of those trigger asthma symptoms? ... (11 replies)
... I find my voice only gets raspy when I've been coughing a lot, which would be from irritation. Yeah, it could be from irritation. ... (10 replies)
... Hello, MR Thanks, as always, for the detailed information. Hearing how you manage things is helping me get a better idea of what to expect. The pulmonologist is doing several tests next week: A pre- and post-PFT. I think that means pre- and post-rescue inhaler, to see if the inhaler has any effect on bronchodilation. Also, a six-minute walk monitoring oxygen level... (22 replies)
... So, my Chronic Cough is back. I've been coughing for about 2 months now. It is extremely unpleasant. ... (37 replies)
... It seems like within 2hrs of taking my meds my asthma flares up. ... (11 replies)
... My asthma is very sensitive to cigarette smoke and changes in the weather. My asthma is also effected by many other things such as dust, paints, auto exhaust, various foods, perfumes, flowers, plants, animals, and other things. ... (8 replies)
Coughing so much!!
Dec 14, 2012
... It fits like those hospital masks, but it is made of fleece and washable. ... (6 replies)

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