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... I've been using Spiriva since 2001 - before it was approved in the US in 2004. It is the one medication I would never be without. Sometimes it takes a while for it to become effective, but in most cases it does wonders for those suffering from COPD. It is actually a big brother to Atrovent and used once a day instead of the 4 times a day that Atrovent requires. (8 replies)
... I have used spiriva. I had terrific results with it too. I have emphysema from smoking for many years. I stopped taking it, because I started excersicing and felt that my breathing had improved enough to come off of it. I was right, it had. I feel it's a great drug. I quit smoking 4 yrs ago. Sid (8 replies)
... My wife went to her Pulonary Doctor today and complained about some medication side-effects she was having. The Doctor took her off of Singulair and an Atrovent Inhaler but gave a 24 day supply of Spiriva- Handihaler an inhalation powder--- and to continue her QVAR inhaler. My question is -- Has anyone used Spiriiva --Inhalation powder and what was their experience? ... (8 replies)

... growing list of 'goodies' from the dr. Its called Spiriva. He said its the 'great grandfather' of Atrovent and although it is for treatment of COPD, me thinks my asthma is severe enough that it sort of crosses the line. Anyway, its kind of funky with a weird sort of inhaler contraption. Anyone familiar with this med? ... (1 replies)
... So, I was diagnosed with asthma about 9 years ago, and I am currently under the care of a pulmonologist. ... (1 replies)
... First of all, it can take a month or more for a daily med to start working. So if you had been dx'ed in December and been on Advair and Spiriva since, they really didn't have time to start working. ... (3 replies)
... First of all, it can take a month or more for a daily med to start working. So if you had been dx'ed in December and been on Advair and Spiriva since, they really didn't have time to start working. ... (3 replies)
... I am a 49 year old woman who was told that I have asthma only in the last 2 years. The first time was after having bronchitis. ... (3 replies)
... Xolair helped my asthma about on par with Prednisone and it kicked in pretty fast, within weeks, although some people report it taking a long time to start working. ... (2 replies)
Asthma Newbie
Mar 31, 2017
... about 3 weeks ago, I came down with the flu, and I immediately started on Tamiflu. The flu was gone within a week. However, ever since then, I seem to have daily asthma symptoms. One week ago, I found myself in the ER for a cough and chest tightness that I could not control with my inhaler. ... (5 replies)
Severe asthma
Mar 13, 2017
... My family dr and asthma dr are trying their best but I am just not feeling great. ... (12 replies)
... Yes, I should have covered that. I saw a "critical care" pulmonologist who simply put me on another inhaler (Breo). 8 other people were in the waiting room, they all got Breo. The Breo sales rep was also there, putting up a cardboard display in the lobby. Breo did not maintain my symptoms. I also saw a specialty asthma + allergy clinic with a PA fresh out of Cornell... (2 replies)
... While that's all good news, I'm still not truly sure if I'm having an asthma attack some days or if it's allergies or anxiety. Does anyone have any advice on this? ... (3 replies)
... Thanks again Tichou. I routinely take 2 puffs twice a day of Symbicort, one puff of Spiriva and one tablet a day of montelukast. Before I start pred I take 4 puffs twice a day of Asthmanex. I do this when my asthma flare first begins. ... (8 replies)
... I take ventolin when needed along with xolair injections, advair, alvesco, spiriva and I add atrovent when my asthma is bad. ... (9 replies)
... Just very exhausted and frustrated with my asthma lately. ... (5 replies)
... Hello. I am on Symbicort for my asthma but it is also used for COPD. A lot of medicines can have multiple uses. For example I use Lyrica, a antiseizure drug, for neuropathy. ... (5 replies)
... I also agree that you should be seen right away to get this flare up under controll!! Also for me colds can make my asthma worse. Which sucks when every thing else out there seems to make it worse as well!! Hope you feel better and can get this flare up under controll soon!! ... (4 replies)
... Hi Guys I have severe asthma and am seriod dependant, the medication i am currently on is flixitide 500mg twice a day, seritide 500mg twice a day, spiriva 18mg, phyilocontin 225mg two two times a day, monteukast 10mg, prednisolone 20 to 40mg,ventilin inhaler, nebuliser, calcium tablets, alendronic acid and now a monthly dose of triamcinolone 120mg. my question is can this... (3 replies)
... hing comes back clear. I keep a daily diary to find some of my triggers, which has been very helpful. I learned to do this with my migraines and just added the asthma to it. Cold weather and dust seem to be my biggest two. ... (10 replies)

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