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... and she did not feel comfortable with the doing the methylcholine challenge. She then did the test over after a nebulizer with albuteral. The asthma numbers went up. After that she said that when my doctor gets the results I should be going on medicenes. ... (1 replies)
... I'm a borderline asthma patient. ... (9 replies)
... I am just like you, one of those asthmatics whose peak flows don't start dropping until I am literally fighting for breath. I can have symptoms, even severe symptoms (like a cough that keeps me from being able to sleep at night, and wheezing I can feel in my chest,) with a borderline-normal peak flow. Peak flows, as mentioned earlier, measure primarily the flows out of your... (6 replies)

... roblems. As you know, everyone is different, so it's whatever works best for you. If I had to choose which doctor to see because of money, it would be for your asthma first. Allergies can be helped over the counter pretty much. ... (14 replies)
Asthma Uncertainty
Dec 24, 2014
... Since then, I've been going to the doctor and then the hospital taking breathing tests of various kinds, most of which have come back fine, although one of the asthma tests they felt was inconclusive, I had something like borderline asthmatic levels of breathing or something. ... (3 replies)
... ited 16 hours in the ER before they took me in.....i wasn't that sick while i was waiting. they gave me predisone n 2 doses of nebulizer...bcuz i told them i had asthma as a kid. no wheezing, no coughin, just can't take a deep breathe with light headedness..... ... (5 replies)
Advair effects
Sep 2, 2011
... Guys I started to take my Advair dosage yesterday - Diskus 250/50. I'm a borderline asthma patient (never taken the rescue inhaler) but symptoms show up after exercise and the last few weeks, I wasn't breathing well. I've taken it before but since yesterday, it seems my lung capacity has actually reduced. Usually, to take a long breath, I can bend a little and get whatever... (6 replies)
... I'm a borderline asthma case but never used a pump. ... (10 replies)
... Would it be normal to have residual effects from something like this? This happened almost 12 hours ago now and after the initial drop in peak flow and use of the albuterol my rates did go back up to normal. Now they are dropping again. An hour ago when I did my nightly check they were borderline green/yellow and now have gone slightly into the yellow. I'm not feeling too... (4 replies)
... Have you considered using an ionizer air filter when inside your living quarters, and wearing a pollen/dust mask when you are outside? Some of your problems could be due to the quality of the air.:cool: (1 replies)
... On top of that he is sending me to a cardiologist on Monday to make sure its not my heart since my ekg is borderline myocardia ischemic. Go figure!I know its not my heart so this is a wasted trip. In April he sent me for a stress test and it was fine. ... (12 replies)
... I have, for my entire life, had a load of health problems. I was first diagnosed with Asthma when I was very young, and it was life threatening for a few years, but has slowly progressed to being just a huge hassle now. ... (6 replies)
... Hello, I have a 15 year old son with severe asthma and a 9 year old son with possible cf, we have had 2 borderline sweat test so now we are waithing on the dna test results. ... (1 replies)
... diagnosed with asthma 3 years ago. Never felt wheezing or the "classic" symptoms, other than pain in back, shortness of breath. ... (0 replies)
... connected inflammation and heart disease, so it is a real problem. I have heard of people with arthritis get on medication for their inflamed joints and their asthma CLEAR UP! Now that is interesting. ... (25 replies)
... r has recently swithched from Singulair to a small amount of Advair once a day, but there's no weight change. She cannot fully stop the Advair since her allergic asthma is persistent. ... (12 replies)
... Actually, there is a name for arthritis if you have's called psoriatic arthritis & it is directly related to your eczema & the outbreaks! I have severe skin allergies & would you believe that at age 13 I was diagnosed with arthritis! Yep, it's from the skin allergies. I'm like you, all inflammatory conditions..and I had it suggested that I had Hyper IgE syndome,... (25 replies)
... back problems along with asthma among all of us. Could one inflammatory condition be triggering others? ... (25 replies)
... Wow, I was diagnosed this morning with bronchitis and asthma. I've never had asthma before either. I have had bronchitis a few times, took an antibiotic for a few days and that would take care of it. ... (5 replies)
... Peak flow meters are used exactly for that purpose, though...predicting when your asthma will take a turn for the worse. Be prepared. ... (4 replies)

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