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... I have a 2 1/2yr old, food and environmental allergies, on zyrtec once a day. My son constantly gagges and coughes - sooo hard every morning and occasionally at night. He will cough so hard he throws-up and then he is totally fine.?? Anyone ever expierence anything like this? He was constantly sick starting at the age of 6months, ear infections and vomiting and dirrehea,... (11 replies)
... thanks now I know why I'm gagging at night. I have noticed during the night trying to sleep, I wake up and start gagging and have to get up off the bed and go lay down on the couch so that I don't wake my husband up, he needs his sleep, he's gotta go to work early in the morning. ... (22 replies)
... I cough like this every night's a gagging cough trying to catch your breathe in between the gagging. I have for sometime now it's usually the worst at night and mine last till I fall asleep. ... (22 replies)

... It's very distressing to see you're baby like this, my son was treated last night for this. He has had incidents with his breathing before, treated with either a nebuliser, ventolin inhaler or alupent syrup. I would like to understand these treatments a little better though, as i want to prevent a cough worsening to the point of emergency care- what is the first sign that I... (4 replies)
... well yea, I have had plenty of night when I can't sleep cause I'm coughing way too much. Gagging more likely. ... (22 replies)
... what causes a strangling, gagging cough in an infant? ... (4 replies)
... Has she ever been tested for CF? I just ask because I have CF and those were some of my first symptoms. Gagging,choking cough(although mine was worse in the morning after I got up), stomachaches. Mine got misdiagnosed as reflux for years, as well as allergies(testing showed no enviromental ones) and other things. (22 replies)
... OK, this may be a bit out there but when she says her stomach hurts what does she mean by this? Does it hurt before or after the cough. If you would not have said that she does not have allergies i would have said it was allergies but with the mention that her stomach hurts, it gets worse at night and that she is coughing i am wondering if she might not have some sort of... (22 replies)
... cts. I asked her dr the last visit, if I should cut out milk products all together, and he said no, although increasing water intake is always a good idea.As for cough syrup, anything with a decongestant seems to make her even more congested.When you cough, is it pretty much all night? ... (22 replies)
... tive for any allergies. At times she has trouble with her breathing and the albuterol helps. The majority of the time she wheezes at night, and coughs awful! THe cough is continuous. She and I do not sleep. She coughs and gaggs and complains with her stomach hurting from coughing. ... (22 replies)
... ups and the cough is from the sinus's.I dont know. ... (22 replies)
... which we try to stay away from, but have used them as a last resort when she was younger. Now her cough is looser, not as croupy, and she's spitting out lots of mucus. ... (22 replies)
... Yes, I have had a bad cough for the past 6 years since my astma got worse and it never goes away but is lessened by meds. ... (3 replies)
... and would cough so hard she would vomit. ... (5 replies)
... s started kindergarten, he's catching something every couple of weeks it seems. He starts a cold with a runny nose for a couple days, then he starts a cough. The cough starts off very controlled and without any sounds of mucus, but as the day progresses, his coughing increases and becomes less and less controlled. ... (10 replies)
... e been coughing since September, but it has been worse the last few weeks. I literally spent over half of my day today coughing. I'm not talking about a gentle cough either. While my cough is dry, it is harsh. It goes on and on and I can't catch my breath. ... (13 replies)
... ary rolls his eyes and tells me they're wrong...but this does NOT help me during those ER visits! I actually had an RT last night tell me that, if I was going to cough I should cough like I mean it... ... (7 replies)
... My case sounds SO much like yours. I also have had horrible sinus problems my whole life. I can remember being around 10 years old and actually almost gagging on the postnasal drip. I mainly had the sinus drip problem but then it seemed to kind of go away during my teens. ... (7 replies)
... same here with regards to the shower. i think that it is a tempature thing. my cough was always worse after I showered and that did not make sense to me. then one day my son popped the door opened while i was in the shower. ... (43 replies)
... So I've had asthma for awhile - was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. Did fine on Serevent and albuterol until last winter. Suffered through winter. When warm weather started, things were fine. Now the weather has changed, and I caught a cold, that I am just now getting over. My asthma got fairly bad (for me) from the weather changing, and the cold I caught. I went to the doctor two days... (2 replies)

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