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Cough in morning?
Jun 19, 2004
... or allergies. I used to get that before I developed chronic allergic bronchitis, now I always have a productive cough. The cough is kind of spastic, right? ... (2 replies)
Cough in morning?
Jun 19, 2004
... Hi. I have a question - the last 5-6 days have been waking up with this really moist cough/cough up mucous, I check my peak flow and it's around the 320/330 which I'm pretty much use to now, use to do nebs at that stage but now manage fine with just 1 or 2 puffs of ventolin - my best pf btw is 510 - Anyways, I'm use to the morning asthma, have always had a pretty icky... (2 replies)
... So, my Chronic Cough is back. I've been coughing for about 2 months now. It is extremely unpleasant. I cough throughout the day and have developed a lot of sore muscles and ribs and some bladder issues from it. ... (37 replies)

... Flonase in the mornings. If you could take it before you go to bed that would be best so you don't get post nasal drip at night which aggravates a cough. ... (3 replies)
... a pulmonolgist after my pcp sent me to the ER but I had my child home too. Yes he did just as you said, he really upped my asthma medication, gave me tamiflu and cough med for night. ... (11 replies)
My first PFT
Jul 22, 2009
... for about 7 years and it has made a significant difference. I know longer get sick twice a year as I did before. I don't cough in the mornings. ... (8 replies)
... sume the shots or not. I didn't have a test for GERD, but I have enough symptoms to know I have it. I have a lot of heartburn, belching, throat discomfort and a cough in the mornings. I am on Nexium for that right now. For my allergies I am using a nasal steroid spray and Allegra. She wants me to try that for two weeks. ... (3 replies)
... My GP is good about getting me in quickly also. They know the routine with me pretty well. ... (11 replies)
... My regular doctor still isn't back from maternity leave and I have no idea when she's coming back. The male doctor was still filling in for her. He gave me refills for all of my medications. I got three symbicort at once so I won't run out if I have to take double the dose. ... (52 replies)
... anxiety. also had to use inhalers after doing sports etc...and weird as it seems i would cough like mad every time i drank a mcdonalds chocolate milkshake. ... (2 replies)
... While I had a true asthma flare in early august, I'm questioning whether or not it is still asthma at this point. I've been on two rounds of Prednisone. ... (43 replies)
Night Asthma
Feb 27, 2004
... hma. It wakes me up, my sinuses are like permanently stuffed so I can't breathe through my nose, and then I have to sleep sitting up straight. Even laying back in the slighest makes me cough and my chest feels rattly when I breathe. Then if I accidentally lay down at all in my sleep, I wake up barely breathing. ... (6 replies)
Is this asthma?
Dec 16, 2001
... Hi I have had asthma for a while now and I found that cheese was the cause and now its gone, it sometimes comes back with a cold but hardly anything and red wine I took this for a few weeks and that helped, I do not know if this will work for you , I hope I have helped (5 replies)
Is this asthma?
Nov 17, 2001
... with anti biotics which are not working,my next step is an inhailer,I am an xsmoker 10years stoped, can anyone relate to a 10week old cold with a cough. Thanks in advance for any comments. ... (5 replies)
... Hi I have the exact same prob I do not smoke, but I do have asthma all my life. My doc has put it down to this and increased my medication from Inhalers to nebolisers every six hours. I have also been put on steroids but to no avail. Like you I am worse when trying to sleep at night I reckon this is because all the mucous is lying on my chest then. I don't Have wheezy or A... (3 replies)
... the green phlegm had gone but remained thick and clear, the coughing remained. At night I would cough so bad it would wake me up. Dry couch mostly. End of January I has a bad throat infection and again chest was clear got given other antibiotics. ... (3 replies)
... I think I have cough variant asthma. ... (2 replies)
... My son used to, particularly in the winter, cough and cough and cough..More so if he got a cold with the cold weather..No meds would releive it.. ... (5 replies)
... iv got a 3 year ol who has had asthma for about a year and half, he only suffers with coughin fits and gets out of breath easyer than my other son, the last few days he been waking up in the mornings and coughing, but this cough isnt cheast or flemy its his asthma cough,(dry) but as he is coughing its like is chest is tight and he is coughin cause he havent got enough air... (1 replies)
... I quit smoking over a year ago and find I feel so much better. So that can't have helped me much. I would cough frequently, especially in the mornings and the evenings. Now I don't. I also hardly get the bronchial cough I used to when I get a cold either. WOO HOO! ... (9 replies)

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