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... Hi Hmk1023, I had skin testing done for allergies. I have food allergies. Also allergies to pollen, grass, dust mites, mold, and animal dander. Cigarette smoke, cold air, humidity, paint fumes, certain cleaners can all trigger my asthma. I take 24 hour reactine 20mg, avamys nasal spray, singulair, symbicort, and ventolin. (albuterol) I have allergies all year long. (8 replies)
... If you do not have a written asthma action plan, print out the one at the top of the asthma page and take it to your doctor and ask for one. That will tell you what to do. ... (2 replies)
... Just curious, Does aerosol hair sprays, perfume, and cologne usually set your asthma off? ... (8 replies)

... You may be sensitive to the chlorine vapors and/or humidity, which can exaccerbate asthma. I would check their chlorinating schedule and avoid the pool on those days. You might be able to find a pool that is less chlorinated, or may have to find a different form of exercise. Premedicating with an inhaler can help. Are you taking "cortisone" by mouth or inhaler? A... (2 replies)
... I imagine I would have trouble with high humidity, but I've lived in a very dry climate since I developed my asthma as an adult and I haven't had any extended periods in high hot humiditiy. ... (11 replies)
... Follow your asthma action plan - you do have one, don't you? if not, head back to your pulmonologist and get one. It will tell you what to do - add a med, add puffs of your current med, use your albuterol, etc. Whatever you and your doctor have worked out. (6 replies)
... Crazgrl, that's actually how I discovered I had asthma. I woke up one morning and said, "There's something wrong with the air today." It took all day for me to figure out that, no, it wasn't the air, it was me. I'd never felt anything like that before. (6 replies)
... about the air being heavy. I asked him once if he felt that and he said no. And here I thought everyone felt that. It was then that I realized that it was an asthma thing. I try to stay indoors and not do anything too strenuous outside...and my inhaler is ALWAYS with me. ... (6 replies)
... Showering can be an issue. Usually I love to steam up the bathroom when I shower, but in the summer, that can actually bring on more asthma symptoms. ... (6 replies)
... It actually can happen, that heat and humidity all by themselves can bring on an attack. For me, it's a minor trigger. ... (16 replies)
... I am indeed very relieved and delighted that it is not pnuemonia or something similarly bad. I did do a very easy workout today--really, my pulmonologist said it was ok--and did not have any massive worsening like I did last time. It seems like this might be getting better a lot faster than I had feared. It's still there, but not as bad as yesterday, and only one really bad... (23 replies)
... The temps here have been so hot and the humidity so bad that public buildings go overboard with the AC, not to mention the medical buildings.... ... (15 replies)
... There may also be other irritants in the air in the dorm building. Through shared ventilation systems, you might be breathing tobacco residue or perfumes or incense. I don't have allergies, but I'm very sensitive to particles in the air--any kind of smoke residue, even steam and humidity. Although I hadn't been diagnosed with asthma yet when I lived in a smokey,... (4 replies)
... I've had 2 breathing tests and all came out normal. Blood work...normal. No allergy testing recently - but I had 5 years of allergy shots as a kid. So I am prone to allergies ...just never had a reaction like this before. I've often worried about long term usage also- but the doctors keep me on it since it *seems to be working for me*. Had my appointment and the... (2 replies)
... Well, I hope you're situation clears up. My pulmonary test was negative for asthma. They said there were some irregularities but nothing to pinpoint. They gave me some Advair and blood tests. The blood tests turned up normal also. The Advair has been helping....Today I had another episode. 95+ degrees and humidity out-da-whazoo and me running around at work like I... (19 replies)
... sytem got so low my body decided to give me mono. It was a very long recovery for me, but the athsma got much worse after being sick. I never had the issues with humidity until after I was sick. ... (3 replies)
... I have asthma attacks from laughing, humidity, approaching storms, outdoor pollens, cleaning solvents, viruses, and more. This is insane. ... (10 replies)
... st in an allergy clinic for both my allergies and my asthma. If I was limited to either a pulmonologist or an allergist, not sure what I'd do. It appears that humidity is triggering your attacks. So I might opt for the pulmonologist and try an OTC antihistamine...benedryl or claritin maybe...just to see what happens.... ... (14 replies)
... and getting like one of those home gyms where I can switch off. I feel like a slug but at the same time between the asthma and an old neck injury that is back to haunt me as I get older I'm nervous. I'm not a runner. I think the big thing is what if I get sick and an exercise plan. ... (5 replies)
... I have had asthma all my life and I personally do not have a cough with it. For me it is more of a very tight feeling in my chest and lungs with heavy breathing and wheezing. ... (10 replies)

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