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... Strange is right....I have asthma but I am not allergic to anything...weird. ... (4 replies)
... and such causing attacks.. They say a childs asthma is under control once the caughing at night and such is stopped. He's receiving 2 inhalations of corticosteroid morn and 2 again at night, and this is helping! ... (3 replies)
... Or is it just that the pollen count and humidity are exceptionally high these few days and it won't always be this bad. ... (1 replies)

... The symptoms you describe sound completely like typical allergic responses. Because your triggers are varied - indoor and outdoor allergens - it will be difficult for you to avoid triggers and therefore feel good consistently. You probably will have more problems with humidity/dampness because those are situations in which molds thrive. Despite your perception that the... (7 replies)
... when it's really cold it can also be bad. when i was skiing i had a sort-of asthma attack on the hill because we had to carry our skis down the hill (LONG LONG story, lol) but i got to ride down on the snowmobile. my point is that weather "extremes" can make it worse too (4 replies)
... while i can't say that there's a GOOD time of year for asthma for me personally (with pollens and humidity and such), i'd say that winter is the absolute worst. :( the dryness of the air, combined with the fact that sometimes it's so cold that it hurts to breathe, makes things miserable sometimes. :( btw, this is my first post. hi. :) (11 replies)
... This summer I have found something that has helped me feel better> It hasn't cured my asthma, nor has it increased by lung capacity. I recently lost 23 pounds and I feel better. I have cut down the use of my rescue inhaler dramatically. I use to use it daily now I use it once a week or so.I always thought it made no difference, but I guess if you'r overweight like I am losing... (2 replies)
... Appropriate humidity is good for everyone's breathing. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you so much por all your suggestions Tichou. I'll going to take a short vacation and also make the test for radon. You're right about the humidity can be difficult, so I'll see how they respond. Thank you again for your help and I wish you the best. ... (8 replies)
... Summer is her best season here in Oklahoma and it gets humid here too. She hasn't had a problem with the humidity. It seems to be cedar pollen (in bloom here now) and the major weather fronts. The thing that I like about Savannah is that not a lot of hurricanes impact them unlike Florida. We are planning on a visit though :) Thanks for your input! (3 replies)
... e same thoughts this week. I have been controlled pretty well but went to Whole Foods yesterday in Atlanta and almost had an attack in the store. This heat and humidity is killing us. Is it very hot in Canada? ... (13 replies)
... I don't know what kind of hair she has but I have thick, naturally wavy hair and find it does well. (not perfect because in this humidity, nothing does) (8 replies)
... Yes, if he has allergies out in the Bay area, don't move to Atlanta. During the springtime, you can actually see the waves of yellow pollen in the air. And while cold and dry isn't good for lungs, super hot and sticky isn't either. In general, the human lungs function best when the temperature is between 50 and 80 degrees and the humidity is between 30% and 50%. (11 replies)
... Keep in mind that cold and humidity both are triggers. You'd be trading one for the other. And it is more polluted in FL also. Do you have him wear a mask outside in cold weather? ... (3 replies)
... Heat and humidity bother me as well (16 replies)
... Heat and humidity cause suffocation and asthmatic person feels it alot and the breathe shortens. ... (16 replies)
... Oh, definitely. The cold weather can be brutal. I assume you keep your face covered outside. Have you tried a humidifier in the house? Try to get your relative humidity between 30 and 50%, that's best for lungs and not high enough for mold growth. I also assume you are on some sort of daily controller medicine. Those can help a lot, but sometimes it's just not... (1 replies)
... I've been having the same thing lately, whether it's from a hot sticky day, shower or another cause. As soon as I start breathing air that's very high in humidity, (like literally from the first breath) I start feeling bad. But as soon as I get into drier air, I start feeling better. (43 replies)
Is it Asthma?
Sep 30, 2006
... Of course it's not in your head. If it's bronchits you'll want to increase the humidity in your environment and drink a lot of non-caffeinated fruit juices. Do you have any pets? Sorry but they cause a lot of problems. The aeresol cans are definitely an irritant. Anything that is particulate/smoke in the air. Will probably get better you're just in a temporary... (7 replies)
... I'm thinking humidity gives me sob that goes away when I get in AC but I'm paying attention to ozone alerts to see if that's what is enough to make me use the inhaler. ... (6 replies)

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