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... One of my triggers is humidity. In New Jersey we have a lot of that. Tonight I took 8 zanax through out the day along with my albuterol and I wasn't getting any relief. I usually feel tired while the effect is starting. The fainting and fatigue might be due to hypoventilating. I've never passed out, but I have turned blue. Nancy (5 replies)
Weather and asthma
Feb 15, 2005
... Humidity gets me sometimes (i.e. hot showers). Cold air does sometimes, but then again...sometimes I breathe worse inside then I do out in the cold. :P lol (5 replies)
... I find that cold, dry air causes more sudden tightness and shortness of breath, but it is more readily reversible than if the cold air is more wet. The more humidity, the more I feel like I'm breathing through a sponge. The best for me is dry air...usually warm dry air. Depends on your situation though. The best thing that you can do at the moment, aside from having... (11 replies)

Jun 29, 2002
... rea there has been a lot of hot, very humid weather. I am curious as to whether anybody else has been having trouble because of humid weather. It isn't a classic asthma attack like I'm used to, but rather just generalized fatigue and a panic reaction because it feels like I can't get enough air. ... (8 replies)
... As an asthma sufferer myself, I have to wonder if your observation might have something to do with your indoor humidity. Any increase in temp will lower humidity. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Trinity! Sorry it took so long to reply. I see my general doctor and he did not give me an action plan. I had not been on any asthma medication for several years - I thought I could deal with it on my own - HA - and since he knows I previously saw a pulmonologist, he probably thinks I know what to do. I just now know I will probably have to treat this with all the... (52 replies)
... ps. I believe Flovent is not useful for severe asthma attacks, does he have a 'backup' plan? ... (2 replies)
... I take 200 symbicort. Do you have an asthma action plan? ... (52 replies)
... that can show if asthma is present is when the veins in the cheeks show through the skin. This is usually from lack of oxygen and difficulty breathing even when we can't see it. ... (7 replies)
... and that may be the difference. I'll see how much water accumulates today. In conclusion, if you suspect that humidity may be causing your asthma attacks, I definitely recommend a dehumidifier. Mine is a Soleus and collects up to 40 pints of water before it has to be emptied. ... (1 replies)
... the first time I, in having asthma for 5 years up to that point, having to do 3 shots of Albuterol. ... (20 replies)
... I know for certain that humidity does affect my asthma. ... (7 replies)
... There is an "allergic asthma" just as there is regular asthma (caused by damage to the airways from sickness or disease), exercised induced asthma (EIA), cough variant asthma, etc. Lots of different types with different causes. And sometimes with regular old fashioned asthma, certain triggers as allergies, odors/aromas, cold, heat, humidity, etc can cause an attack. One... (3 replies)
... in asthma attacks where it's iffy whether you'll need hospitalization or not, that little bit of panic is often the straw that breaks the camel's back. ... (5 replies)
... eds do NOT treat the inflammation at all only the control meds do that. That is why i recommend a pulmonary doc, I personally don't know of anyone that has there asthma effectively controled by an allergist. The allergist is going to be concerned with the triggers more then the underlieing disease... ... (16 replies)
Quick question...
Apr 16, 2002
... hey, i wanted to tell you my story with asthma and hope it helps. i was diagnosed with asthma when i was really young, so young i don't remember ever not having asthma. ... (3 replies)
... l from dr. he said the pulmonologist said everything is fine..I told him what the tech said...blah blah blah. ....anyway Dr. is pretty sure I have a mild case of Asthma ..he gave me an inhaler. I used it in the winter and didn't even think of it again till BOOM this heat and humidity knocked me down...... ... (0 replies)
... I don't inherently have exercise induced asthma, either. If the temperature and humidity are reasonable and I'm not around allergens or irritants, I can exercise and my lungs will be fine. ... (15 replies)
... sounds a lot like mine, though I was only diagnosed a few years ago with allergies, mold being the worst of the bunch. But same thing, on and off again with the asthma symptoms. I also have GERD, which I take Omeprazole for, and I was told it can either trigger, or mimick asthma symptoms. ... (6 replies)
... and I've had an asthma attack from cat allergy in the past. ... (6 replies)

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