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GERD and asthma
Oct 7, 2005
... and low and behold the indigestion went away! ... (10 replies)
... d that either moves, or doesn't move. Pollens....... Irritants....... Odors........ Indoor Irritants...... Outdoor Irritants......... Foods....... Drinks........ and on and on and on. ... (8 replies)
... irritant because of indigestion. I NEVER suffer from indigestion unless I am going to have problems with my Asthma. ... (8 replies)

... I've got very sensitive Asthma along with Heart Failure and permanent Atrial Fibrillation. Asthma not only gives me problems breathing, it also puts an unwanted strain on my damaged heart. ... (4 replies)
... for the past couple of years I have suffered with asthma as diagnosed by my doctor.Around the same time as this started I began to lose sense of smell and taste.I was coughing up a lot of discoloured phlem at that time.Anyway it was decided I was asthmatic. ... (3 replies)
... I have those symptoms but the doctor said it was asthma but i saw him right down indigestion and im running everyday and it seems to help but not enough and i really need this gone because im in wrestling. what do i do? ... (5 replies)
... But, of course, that is a completely different issue than your Asthma problems. ... (5 replies)
... the fact that you have had issues with indigestion makes it a likely contributing factor. ... (3 replies)
... symptoms that will get worse at night and last sometimes throughout the next day and night. ... (3 replies)
... I've had asthma and sinus problems since I was around 21. I am now 70. My asthma and sinus problems are very well controlled with Flonase and Flovent and avoiding triggers. ... (10 replies)
... and have not had a single problem with any asthma related issues. ... (12 replies)
... When you stop speaking, does your "seriously dizzy and short of breath" problem resolve, or do you continue to have symptoms, whether or not you stop speaking or not? ... (14 replies)
... I develpoed asthma about a year ago, having bad attacks at night especially. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you both for your replies, i find where i get lost is just 'how' do you know what is the Asthma. I am experienced with asthma as my youngest suffered with it for 7 yrs, and my eldest is still asthmatic and has had it for 8 yrs. ... (3 replies)
... I know my acid reflux is bad enough where bile will come up my throat once in a while. I take a double dose of Omeperazole for it and it seems to help with the burning, but not the indigestion. ... (18 replies)
... Your post is not offbase at all. For almost 20 years of battling asthma, I've had to battle with severe indigestion and heartburn as a result of the asthma medication. ... (14 replies)
... worse when I breathed in. The only thing that helped a little was leaning forward. For three days I went thru hell when I laid down for bed. Lots of chest pain, and panting to breath..eventually it would ease and I could sleep. Overall I felt sick for about two weeks, especially when I breathed in. ... (5 replies)
... n't think we have Serotide here in the United States. Anyway, i use a spacer with Alvesco but the Asmanex is like a twisthaler to you can't use a spacer with it. And i'm beginning to think you are right about the Nexium causing me indigestion. I think drs give us way to many drugs to take. Actually my gastro dr. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks. I'm on most of that stuff now. I need to update my med list because I've gone from one OTC pill, one prescription that I don't take and one that I do, to having to juggle six prescriptions. ... (4 replies)
... Well, it definitely sounds like you still aren't under control. For me, it took 4 months after diagnosis to get under control, and longer to stay there. ... (4 replies)

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